3 Baby Finger Food Ideas

With growing babies mothers too improves her creativity. We mothers can never be still on our ideas.When we discuss and share ideas among mothers who are sailing in the same boat one gets to learn a lot.

After one year baby urge to bit increases  but the biting process of the baby is not sufficient enough to swallow easily and the baby throws out what ever has been taken in.

I had followed 3 baby finger food for my daughter when she was in the mood of chewing and eating on her own.

I am sharing the baby finger food ideas in this post.

Carrot Finger Chips For Babies:-

Peel and cut carrot into the shape of medium sized sticks. Or you could also slice them in to a coin.

Boil the carrot sticks/coins well under pressure.

Toss the boiled carrot into a pan with some ghee/oil, salt and a pinch of lemon juice.

Since the carrot is boiled well it would have become soft and suitable for the baby’s gums.

Boiled Apple For Babies:-


Peel the apple and chop into medium sides cubes and blanch in boiling water for couple of minutes.

Serve after it cools down.

Boiled smashed Green Peas For Babies

Boil the soft green peas under pressure. Once it cools, smash and mix it with some formula milk powder. The mixing should not be watery. You should be able to do tiny balls out of this green peas and formula milk powder.

The tiny balls are fit for tiny fingers to pick up from the bowl and bite.

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What are your ideas of baby finger food?

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