3 Best Ways To Deal With Post-Partum Depression

3 Best Ways To Deal With Post-Partum Depression


Having a Baby is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. It is also the most over whelming. Not just your body but mentally also you go through a whirlwind of emotions. And they change within seconds. You could be overjoyed and smiling looking over your precious baby one minute and the next minute bawling your guts out. Everyone seems to settle in quite easily and start enjoying the new arrival effortlessly, except for the mom to be. The mom is suffering from anxiety pangs, sad or worried etc. and is not able to fathom why all these sudden changes are happening to her and her life. While it’s absolutely normal to go through these mixed emotions, however it becomes a cause of concern if it carries for too long. It is known as Post-Partum Depression and needs to be addressed so that the mom can get back to her normal happy self and start enjoying motherhood and her baby.

When I had my son two things really bothered me. First was my weight gain and the second was will I ever be financially independent again? In retrospect however I realize that what I underwent was Post-Partum depression but milder in nature. Of course at that point in time if anyone would have suggested that to me I would have clubbed them.



Hehhhehehe.. I do not remember a lot about what I did to overcome it but couple of things are still vivid in my memory. The most important thing I did was to take strength from my baby. Each time something bothered me I just had to look in his eyes or hear him giggle or squeal and I was calm and relaxed. Secondly, I shared and confided in my sister. It was basically to vent and my sister though younger to me and no kid yet was extremely patient and gladly gave me her listening ear.

I read up a lot on Post-Partum Depression and Ways to Deal with it. I also spoke to other moms who shared their views.

Here is my take on how to deal with it:

  • Look After Yourself – Even though it seems really difficult and impossible because of numerous chores after you have your baby, it is imperative to take out time for yourself. Be it half an hour your time, but take that time. Do something that you like and make it a habit slowly. It will be easier to accept how your life has changed and for the Better.
  • Confide in Loved Ones – Even if you don’t feel like sharing and think that your problem is silly, still go ahead and tell someone who is ready to listen to you. Expressing your feelings is also accepting the situation and gives you enough respite to take on further challenges.
  • Seek Help – If your depression continues for a longer period of time, do consult your doctor or even a psychologist immediately.

A lot of my friends said Exercise helped them feel much better if they were having anxiety attacks. Some said the kind of foods they ate also changed the way they felt. The healthier they ate the more fresh and energetic they behaved. It would be unwise to ignore Post-Partum condition. It is called ‘post-partum’ as it’s symptoms like restlessness, anger, mood swings etc. show soon after delivery. The sooner you seek help for it the faster you can be around to look after your baby.

How have you dealth with the post partum mood swings and depression?

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