3 Reasons To Make Your Baby Wear A Onesie

3 Reasons To Make Your Baby Wear A Onesie


Awaiting your  baby’s arrival is such a thrill. A baby in arms, those tiny hands and feet, the soft chubby cheeks, the curious eyes are soon to going to be with you. Caring for the baby is going to be so much fun. And yes dressing up your precious is the best part. I went absolutely beserk when my son was born. I used to just buy clothes endlessly. And initially I waited for special occasions to dress him up, then I realized that it is of no use because by the time the occasion comes, he had outgrown those clothes or the season had changed so they were impractical. Sob sob. Nevertheless I had an absolute blast dressing him up in onesies or rompers as they are popularly called. I got most of them from Mother Care and Marks and Spencer. They were in beautiful colours soft pastels and some had the most adorable car or teddy prints.



Some Advantages of making your baby wear Onesies:-

  • Easy to Remove – They are extremely convenient when you have to change your baby’s diapers at not so regular intervals. They are quite messy so these onesies come in really handy when you have to keep changing them.
  • Comfortable – My son felt really warm in his initial months, so much so that we couldn’t even swaddle him. These onesies came in really handy during those months and he too was carefree and enjoyed playing around. They are most useful in summer months if they are the shorter ones. However even for the winter months the full toe covering ones are available. Throughout winters my son slept in them. He was snug and warm and I didn’t have to keep checking on him if he threw his blanket off, which he invariably did.
  • Cuteness Quotient – If you are a style mommy how can you ignore your little fashion baby. It’s the cutest piece of clothing ever made according to me. There’s no way you wouldn’t smile when you see those chubby legs or little bottom crawling away up to some mischief.



Making your baby wear onesies is a win win situation both for the mommy and the baby. You can choose according to the season short or long ones as well as the fabric too. Warm Snuggly soft woollen ones or light cotton ones. Since your baby is growing rapidly make sure you invest in slightly bigger ones to start with. Before you know it, they will outgrow it. Also, keep checking them for possible allergies and rashes. Even if the material is soft to feel, your baby’s skin is far more sensitive and can cause a reaction. Many onesies will have snap buttons on the shoulder or neck openings to make it easier for the baby to slip and out of. Buy onesies which have finished seams so there won’t be any rough or scratchy parts that can hurt the baby’s tender skin. Avoid Zipper closures as they can again pinch your little one’s soft skin.



So what are you new moms or moms to be waiting for? Go get your baby his own onesie now and enjoy being a mommy.

Do you make your baby wear onesie?

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