3 Reasons Why You Must Adopt A Pet For Child Development

Do Pets Affect Child Development?


As a child I was always fighting with my parents for adopting a pet , but till the time I reached Class Sixth I was never allowed to keep a pet in the house and rightly so as my mom was working and had hardly any time to look after an animal. Every time I used to request for a pet, the only answer I used to get,” Let me handle you and your sister first, later I will think about another baby in the house.”  little did I know that one day I will be repeating the same dialogues to my kids.

When I was being coaxed by my children for a pup to be brought home I realised that as a kid I too loved to think of life with pets full of fun and great joys. But then I accept that after initial excitement the responsibility of the pet, which finally my parents had allowed, was thrown shamelessly on my mom. So now as a parent I don’t think I have any right to crib when my children repeated the same act. I really wonder at times how life in the broader sense and the basic ideas about your life change as you yourself become a parent. But yes, as parent you must be ready to take up all the responsibility on yourself because despite of all promises made by the kiddies, ultimately the onus is going to fall on your shoulders only for looking after that cute little baby (read pet).

I accept that there is a lot of patience, time and effort involved to be a pet owner but that the payoff of sharing your home and life is the unconditional love a well-cared-for pet gives. It’s really well worth it. Frankly speaking I don’t have any doubt that there are several positive reasons you must adopt a pet for the sake of your kids.

Why pets are healthy for kids?



Pets strengthen immunity

Children who grow up in homes with pets have less risk of developing common allergies and asthma, simple reason being our bodies begin to acquire crucial microbes at birth and from that point of travelling through the birth canal to various points of exposure to everything; from grandparents to pets, various things influence the makeup of the microbes. It’s theorized that microbial exposure in infancy, when the immune system is maturing, helps protect children against later allergies and asthma.

Kids with pets grow up as more outward bound and fitter as they get to move outside more than those kids who don’t own pets. Reason being the kids with pets go for walks, run, play and enjoy all the associated health benefits.



Pets Improve social skills

Kids who have pets talk to them continuously making them better communicators. Children with pets display improved impulse control, social skills and self-esteem. Their confidence level betters when talking to and about their pets, helping them improve their self-esteem.

Pets encourage responsibility

Feeding and caring for a pet encourages responsibility in kids and nurturing a pet is an acceptable way for them to practice being caregivers. Sharing the love and care of a family pet builds an additional common bond among siblings. Cuddling a pet reduces stress, loneliness and anxiety which helps in making kids emotionally strong and healthy.


Do you think your kid deserves a pet?

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