3 Steps For Baby Skin Care

By Supriya B

3 Steps For Baby Skin Care


Whenever people talk about soft as baby’s skin, I always think of how misguiding that term can be. Babies by and large have skin that is prone to problems, being delicate and sensitive by default. Sabir (my 5 month old son) has dry skin, and as a result soaps seemed to worsen the problems. So I went nearly soap free for him and he now has his own skin care regime which is traditional and ayurvedic, and all the skin problems he had have been history ever since.

In today’s post I will be sharing his skin care routine with you all. Before it sounds like he has his own primping table let me clarify most of the skin care is taken care of in his daily bath.

His bathing routine involves massage using a home blend of oils. Followed by a home made ubtan bath. I will share recipes for both home made oil

Baby Oil



Use pure coconut oil for baby massage for first three months.

Once the baby completes three months, you can add 100 ml almond oil to 1 litre Coconut oil and use for massage.

If you want you can also add 5ml of Lavender oil to this mix. It helps in calming the baby and sleeping better. (Try first by adding a few drops to a small bowl and massage the baby. If the baby likes the lavender smell then you can go ahead and add 5 ml to 1 litre coconut oil. )

Baby Ubtan


  • Tulsi Powder- 2 tablespoons
  • Rose Powder-2 tablespoons
  • Multani Mitti – 2 tablespoons
  • Chandan Powder -1 tablespoon
  • Neem Powder – 1 tablespoon
  • Rice -2 tablespoons
  • Almond -100gms

Wash rice and let it dry. If you cannot dry it in the sun lightly roast the rice till it is completely dry. Cool and grind. Sieve this using a fine sieve (baarik chaalni used for maida)

Grind almonds and sieve.

Mix with all the above powders and mix nicely. Store in an air tight jar.

For baby under 3 months- Mix 1 teaspoon powder with half cup milk making a thin paste and use for bath.

For baby 3 months and above- Mix two teaspoons powder with a quarter cup milk and use. (Once the baby is three months you can further reduce the amount of milk and use a thicker ubtan paste for bath.)

Baby Bath



Vekhand Powder– 100 gms

In winter months, apply a pinch of vekhand powder on the baby’s chest and back.

Avoid talcum powder as far as possible. I used talc on the kajal tikka of the baby . Mix a little talcum powder with vekhand so that vekhand is smoother and easier to apply with a powder puff.

Khus Powder – 100 gms

In summer replace vekhand powder with khus powder.

What is your baby’s skin care routine?

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