3 Types Of Baby Carriers

3 Types Of Baby Carriers


Baby carriers have gained a lot of popularity owing to the freedom of movement they provide to parents. These carriers also keep baby close to your body which provides both proximity and safety. Baby strollers can be cumbersome many times and so buying a good baby carrier can be a great option. There are mainly three types of baby carriers that you can choose from-

Sling Baby Carrier


Sling baby carriers are basically fabric carriers. These are made of high quality, strong fabric. These are worn on one shoulder and wrapped around back. These are very useful for nursing mothers as sling baby carriers can be adjusted easily for the purpose of breastfeeding.

But carrying baby on one shoulder for a long time can be painful and tiring.

Front Baby Carrier


These types of carriers are very popular among parents. Front carrier has a supportive fabric seat suspended by two strong shoulder straps. These are worn just like a normal shoulder bag and can be worn either on front or back. With these carriers, you can make your baby face towards you or babies can be made to face outwards. Facing depends on baby’s age as newborns should face inwards for complete support while babies older than 6 months can easily face outwards.

These carriers are not suitable for breastfeeding though.

Wrap baby Carrier


This is totally a large piece of fabric that is wrapped across the torso. These carriers are easily adjustable and very comfortable for both you and baby. Breastfeeding becomes easier with wrap baby carriers.

Wrap carriers are not suitable for bigger babies as they are not that supportive for parents. You can make wrap carriers at home with help of a big piece of strong cloth. Wrap carriers need a little practice as large swath of fabric can confuse you.

You can select any kind of baby carrier as per your preference but you need to be cautious while carrying your baby in a carrier. Always make sure that your baby’s face is visible when they are in carrier. Their face should not be pressed against your chest and also shouldn’t be buried inside fabric. These situations may lead to suffocation very quickly. Keep checking on your baby from time to time.

Always choose a strong baby carrier and never think of saving money by compromising on quality. You should consult your doctor before using a baby carrier if your baby was born premature or has any health problem.

Do you use baby carrier?

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