36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight & Baby Movement

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My scan came out perfectly normal and I am quite relieved. Although before going to the scan I’d skipped a meal and my  baby‘s heart beat went down. I have been a little lazy in taking regular meals and got a good scolding from everyone around for this attitude. I myself felt guilty for not following a proper routine. The reason is that baby has taken so much of room I am not able to eat my normal meal in one go. I require frequent meals which some time becomes tough for me  or I should say I lack interest.

I read that by now, breathing should be easy for me but in my case I still get breathless often. Also, the doc said that baby has still not dropped down into pelvis so I guess I still have good number of days in my hands . I do feel the pressure in my lower abdomen but that is something which I have been feeling since past four weeks. It is getting increasingly tough day by day as now I am not able to sit , sleep or stand for long. Thankfully as I don’t have to cook, clean  or do any other house hold work, I don’t feel pressurized which I use to when my maids use to eat my heads  or made me frustrated with their irregularity and frequent leaves.

My doctor has advised me to walk for atleast an hour a day and it’s rather annoying because I don’t feel comfortable at all. All I like to do is reading a bit, blogging and sleeping most of the time

This weekend K paid a visit to us and it was a nice change. I was just living a fairy tale life with him being my side – this is all I want right now .I am trying to be as active as possible but not as much as my doc has asked me to.

Labor Pain Symptoms And Signs:-

 I have been asked to call the doctor immediately when the baby activity decreases or I find amniotic fluid leaking out but I don’t think so this is going to happen soon. Since last three days, I am facing headache which subsides when I sleep for a while. There is abdominal pain every now and then which I overcome when I eat or drink something. Although there is no sign of bleeding .

Travelling During 36th Week:-

I do feel trapped and utterly bored and feel like going out althoug lot of my friends and relatives keep paying me visit but I am some one who can not stay at home for too long . Final month certainly is testing my patience. Forget about flights or train I am not allowed to travel for 2-3 hours also because baby can knock on the door any time .aah! it certainly not easy to be a mommie.

Labor Pain Fear

 I want a normal delivery (without C section)and yes! like all the ladies of the world I too get cold feet and feel nervous about labor pain. Thoughts like  – whether I will be able to handle the pain etc keep hitting me but then I just think of other positive things. I am not the “only” women who is going to do this and there are women who faced this in much less sterile places with no support so why can’t I when I have so much of support , help and love around. My body is doing what is needed and moreover every day and minute which passes by brings me more and more closer to my baby. I am just going to be really strong and will take everything as it comes with the thought in my mind “this shall pass”

P.S – My maternity bag things have arrived I will be showing you some of the cute stuff which I got Really excited

How did you deal with Labor pain fear ?Did you face the same symptoms which I am facing nowadays in my 36th week of pregnancy ?

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