39th Week & Still Pregnant

I am still very much here blogging watching and waiting  for my baby to arrive.I always had this thing in my mind that “I will have my baby in my arms by 25th Of June”, but now, my baby is going to be a Cancerian  

As far as baby development is concerned I do not have to worry at all. Her lungs are well developed and she must be shedding the greasy white substance which was protecting her skin. It’s so exciting to think that the baby inside me has thick hair and finger nails too.I don’t know if she scratched my tummy inside with her nails. lolz

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Till now I have experienced false labor pain and alerted, called everyone but nothing happened. I guess baby is refusing to come before the due date.As per my gyna baby head is fixed now and has grown up pretty well and by the way these days check ups are horrible because  of the tummy pain which it gives.

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39th Week Of Pregnancy and Symptoms:-

  • Baby movement gets pretty slow now and this worried me but as per my Doc this is because of the less room in the uterus but one should keep monitoring the movements.
  • I guess these are the days when I am feeling most uncomfortable and that is because of the hot temperature of Delhi which reached 47 degree yesterday.Why God Why ??..I feel restless but its blogging which keeps me happy and active  and is helping me in my wait.
  • One thing which I enjoy is when the press the urinary bladder.I don’t know about you guys but I like the ticking sensation and the feeling it might be the time :D.Also, my trips to the bathroom are very limited and my feet are all swollen now.

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How To Mentally Prepare For Baby :-

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Hope I do not get to update my 40th week and baby arrives soon :d

What was your 39th Week of pregnancy experience like?

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