4 Rules To Encourage Good Sleep Habits In Your Child

How to encourage good sleep habits in your kid?


Have you been wondering how you could just wave your magic wand and put your child to sleep and consequently, catch a good night’s sleep for your good as well? Yes putting an active child to sleep at the right time everyday takes some thought, smart work and consistency! That’s all. Now did you say ‘It’s that easy?’ It’s not easy but done everyday these tips could transform your otherwise naughty and super active child could really become a good boy or girl! Don’t believe me? Then please read further.



4 Rules To Encourage Good Sleep Habits In Your Child:-


Set a structure:

Most of us parents want the best for our children. We want them to become good human beings, instill good values and habits and become the best person on this earth. Hence we emphasis on these strictly. Just like these rules, you will need to emphasize the importance of going to bed on time. If required you may have to sound as if this is as important as the different important things we teach our children from time to time. However, to ensure you as parents also need to set examples. If you hit the bed at 10:30 pm and all the lights go off every day at that time, no matter what, your child will follow suit.

Remember, children always follow you consciously or sub-consciously and parents are the mirror. If you slacken all the time, no matter how many hours you teach, your children will never do as you say.

Set a particular time as bedtime:

An established bedtime allows children to sleep sufficiently. In the beginning you also may have to follow your child’s routine to enable him or her to take this habit seriously. As noted before, a child will always follow what you do and then follow suit. So if you want your child to imbibe the good habit of sleeping at the right time every day, you must also join in. Your participation will help you to enforce this rule effortlessly and smoothly.

Quiet Time:

There is a disciplined way of inducing good sleeping habits in children. Before an hour of the scheduled bedtime, say if your child needs to sleep at 10pm, then at 9pm you and your child should engage in some calming activity such as reading books or listening to stories or light music. During this one hour, the activities you and your child engage in should be fun, calm and yet relaxing. Note that these activities must occur in your child’s bedroom. Once the one-hour is over, tell your child that it’s time to sleep. Create a relaxing atmosphere so that the child goes to sleep quickly and sleeps peacefully. If the child cries, talk to him/her briefly, assuring that you are close by and that everything is absolutely fine. Your child will learn to relax and go to sleep eventually.


Do not shout, scream or engage in any argument as that will have an adverse impact on the child.
Rewards and punishment: Good performance, sincerity and dedication should always be rewarded isn’t it? And you should enforce similar rules as a parent, when you notice that your child follows your words obediently. You could leave stick-ons or handwritten notes with words of praise beside the child’s bed. Small toys, breakfast treats etc could also be done together. Let your child know that you are happy as he/she is doing what is expected and is developing good habits

These are some of the ways you can induce good sleeping in your child.

Do you have more information to share about your child’s sleep habits?

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