4 Ways To Give Chapatti/ Roti To Your Child


4 Ways To Give Chapatti/ Roti To Your Child


Introducing solids for your baby is a major change in the baby food style. Since babies know only to swallow or gulp the liquid food, they may find difficulty both in chewing and digesting hard food.

Vegetables and fruits can be smashed and made puree by adding milk and sugar which is again similar to the liquid food. The problem comes in feeding roti or chapatti. Blending the roti is a very bay choice and your child will never like the taste. Or even feeding as it is, is not a right way. Your child may choke too. These are highly energetic foods for the growing child, so you cannot even avoid these foods.

Best way is to soften small pieces of roti. You can try different ways to soften chapati and add a new taste to it. The ultimate result is that your kid should enjoy eating stomach full food.



Here are the 4 different ways of feeding chapatti/roti to your child.

Chapatti/roti with milk:

Boil about once cup of milk. Add a pinch of sugar to sweeten the milk as babies love sweetened food. Now make small pieces of chapatti /roti and dip them inside the sweet milk. Leave it for half an hour so that it softens completely. Feed these softened chapatti/roti pieces to your child.

Chapatti/roti with yogurt:

Take a bowl full of yogurt and add a pinch of salt or sugar as per your baby’s choice. Soak pieces of chapatti /roti into the yogurt to soften. Feed the softened pieces to your child.

Be sure that your child is not allergic to yogurt.

Chapatti/ roti with Banana:

This combination is very unique and has a wonderful taste. The soft sweetened banana is the favourite amongst most kids. Combine small pieces of chapatti/roti with smashed banana. The fruit will smoothen the chapatti/roti and help your child to chew and swallow.

Chapatti/ roti with ghee and sugar:

Prepare a mixture of ghee and sugar. Apply the mixture to both the sides of chapatti/roti. Leave it for 15 minutes. Ghee softens the chapatti, and so does the sugar granules.

Once your child gets adjusted to these semi solid forms of chapatti/roti, you can later start feeding directly with gravies and curries.

How do you feed chapati/roti/paratha to your child?


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