5 Activities For 9 Month Old To Keep Toddlers Occupied

5 Activities For 9 Month Old To Keep Toddlers Occupied


Life can be tough with a hyperactive toddler when you have a lot to take care of. There are safety concerns and also most kids simply get bored very quickly. Moms have to keep finding innovative ways to keep them busy while taking care of households etc. Some of these ideas may help you in keeping your toddler occupied.



Shape sorting



This could be good fun for most toddlers. Fill a basket with some fuitrs and vegetables or utensils or toys and give them to your little one. They will keep throwing things out and keeping them back for hours. You can also try especially made shape-sorting games. These things also help in development of co-ordination and motor skills as when something tumbles a little far, the baby will have to crawl after and get it back.

Rhymes and Videos

Though letting your toddler stay glued to TV is not a good idea, occasional exposure to such things keeps them entertained. You can buy some CDs or musical toys that cater to this age group. These are a good learning tool and your little one will be busy for quite some time.



You can read books to your baby but if you don’t have time, invest in some good interactive books. These again are a knowledge source.

There is more to books. You can give some old magazines to your baby. They love to tear pages and its one of the favourite activities of most toddlers.

Designated cabinet

Most kids love to stay around their mothers all the time and never leave them alone. If you are cooking then it may get difficult to manage your baby. A great idea is to dedicate a kitchen-drawer to your baby. Keep some harmless utensils and toys in the drawer. This way baby will stay with you and will not bother you as well.

Finger Foods


Make your baby sit in their high chair and fill the plate with snacks your kids love. This does not mean over-feeding your toddler. Just put some healthy finger foods like cheese and fruits. Babies will enjoy the time and will get nutrition too.

Do you have more ideas to keep toddlers busy?

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