5 Activities To Keep 8 Month Old Occupied

5 Activities To Keep 8 Month Old Occupied

A mother needs to do a lot of things but with a baby in tow, getting things can get tricky. Even simple chores may seem like a task if your baby does not leave you even for a minute. It is essential that you help your baby in getting rid of this habit. It can be the first step towards keeping them occupied. A popular trick is to play peek-a-boo with little ones. Leave them on their own, walk out of the room and come back in a few seconds saying something interesting. Keep increasing time intervals as your baby gets accustomed to your absence. It will help you a lot in getting things done.

Next, give them something interesting to play with. Here are some ideas regarding Activities To Keep 8 Month Old Occupied-

Board Books

Its true that babies cannot read or do many constructive things at this age but it is a good time to introduce books. Give them colourful board books to stare at or to chew on. Bright colours and characters keep babies occupied.

You can also give them old books which they would love to tear to bits.

Finger Foods

Make some healthy and yummy finger foods for your baby. You can also give them cubes of fruits they love. This is a good activity as little ones get some nutrition while playing.


Make your kid sit near a window. Keep the window closed so there is no risk to them or to the things in your house. Babies love to gaze at objects and people. Even a little bird chirping outside may catch their fantasy for quite some time.


A little pool for babies is perfect for water loving kids. Set them in their pool with some water and water toys. They will play for long time inside without bothering you.

Visual Pleasure

Play some interesting videos on television. These can be cartoons, rhymes or Baby Einstein DVDs. Such things keep babies busy throughout the time they are playing. But remember to never depend on TV for keeping your 8 month old occupied or they may get addicted. Limit the TV time.

What do you do to keep your 8 month old busy?

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