5 Activities To Keep A 9 Month Old Baby Occupied


5 Activities To Keep A 9 Month Old Baby Occupied

Most Babies by the time they turn 9 months old begin to crawl and try to climb. At this time they call for most attention as they would always crawl to places and try climbing to places which are really risky.

Mothers usually find it very hard to manage their chores and at the same time give  a 24 X 7 attention to the crawling baby and then begins the search of activities to keep babies self entertained and occupied. Today I shall list down five such activities which you mommies can try to keep your baby busy.



Have a look.

Sticky Ball

This is another fun activity to keep your baby occupied. Take a plastic ball and wrap tape around it with the sticky side facing out. Ensure to wrap it tightly so the tape does not slide off of the ball.  Now hand this over to your baby and watch as your baby inspects this new sticky plaything.
Passing objects to and fro between hands is a developmental milestone, and this adds a little more interest.



Playpens are great to work as a play territory for your baby and at the same time ensures that the baby does not crawl outside that place so as to ensure his/her safety.
But introducing playpens can be a task in itself. You might need to demonstrate your baby about what all can be done in the playpen area. Kids and babies love playing with utensils and make their own music. You can give you baby few plastic cups and spoons to play within the playpen. This will keep your baby engaged for good time duration.

Pillow Path

You must have noticed that on abed your baby usually crawls on the pillow then to crawl on the plain surface to reach an end, that’s because they love a little climbing feel. You can use this liking of your baby towards keeping your baby occupied.
Make a pillow path by aligning various pillows, but make sure to do this on a carpeted area so there is no risk of your child slipping and getting hurt.
Once you are done with making a pillow path show your baby who to crawl over this again and again. Walking over a cushiony path will also get your baby’s balance tested and improved.

Box Of Toys



This idea rarely fails. Kids love pulling out things, keeping them back and again pulling out. Get a carton box or a fabricated toy storage box for your baby so that it is safe for your baby to play with. Now on a carpeted area leave your baby with the box full of toys, you will see how busy your baby gets into getting all the toys and playing around. This will probably keep the baby engaged for hours.

Ball Pit


Here we have another ball thing for your baby. Turn your baby’s pool into an indoor play thing. Create a ball pit using the pool. Fill the pool with numerous colored plastic balls; you may also include tiny animals shaped toys too. And put your baby into this “once a pool, now a ball pit game”. This is certainly going to interest a lot to your baby.

These were some fun activities to keep your crawling 9 months old baby occupied and self entertained. Some nursery rhyme music will also be nice when your baby is busy playing.

Which among these are your favorites?



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