5 Affordable Mee Mee Baby Products

5 Affordable Mee Mee Baby Products


Mee Mee is one of the brand that has attracted many parents in India. The prices are very competitive for most of the Mee Mee products if you compare with other baby products brands. Mee Mee provides good quality products too.

We have reviewed few of the baby products exclusively from Mee Mee. List below,

MEE MEE Heat Sensing Spoon Set Review

The fact that Mee Mee spoons senses heat is very interesting. Yes, the heat that is not suitable for babies are very well identified and gives the user a clear idea to further cool the baby food. The spoon turns pale white indicating that the food might burn your baby’s mouth. More the heat, the spoon turns whiter. The edges of the spoon are super soft and there is no fear of hurting your baby’s soft gums.



Mee Mee Quilted Baby Wrapper & Blanket Review

It is ideal for a children aged 0 – 6 months. It is quilted and has an embroidered hood which can be used to cover the baby’s head. I generally use it when the AC is on. It is nice and soft so there is no risk of the material scratching my child’s delicate skin. I was apprehensive about washing it but after the first wash it was still nice and soft. It is also availiable in a variety of colours.You may get it here.



Mee Mee Foamy Baby Bubble Bath Review

This shampoo is suitable for even new born and is really mild.It has nice fresh fragrance which when I use calm my senses :P.Yes! I always try out my baby’s products ;).It’s really fun and you get the chance to test on yourself as well

Consistency of the bubble bath is neither to thick or thin and one needs just a small quantity for whole body wash.

Also, it lathers well and leaves baby-skin moisturized, soft and gentle and how it is supposed to be Just baby like.You may get it here.



Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo Review

Shampoo is really mild and gently cleanses the scalp.I always oil massage my baby and then shampoo my toddler’s hair and it cleanses the  oil off easily.It’s an organic shampoo with olive fruit oil, natural extracts and Matricaria flower extract and can be used on new born as well.

It leaves a delicate mild fragrance in baby’s hair and  never stings my baby’s eyes.You may get it here.


Mee Mee Baby Walker Review

A baby walker has been a controversial thing  where most pediatricians discourage  using walker nowadays. As per them, babies who use a walker may actually start walking a month later than those who don’t.

Mee Mee walker is safe, not that expensive and easily available online . You may get it here.


Have you tried any of the Mee Mee baby products?

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