5 Best First Foods For Baby


5 Best First Foods For Baby


Your baby is growing and now you think it’s the right time for you to introduce foods in your baby’s routine other than breast feeding. But what foods will be best suited for your baby.

There are lots of healthy, baby friendly food options which are nutrition packed.

For the initial 4-6 months your baby uses iron that is stored in your baby’s body when he/she was in your womb. He gets additional iron from breast milk.

But as the baby grows, the baby’s stored iron goes down, which means now it is time for your baby to get additional iron and other important nutrients from solid foods.

Solid foods are important since they help your baby learn to ear, give the baby experiences of new tastes, develop teeth and jaws.

Introducing solid foods does not in any way mean substituting breastfeeding. A baby needs to be breastfeed for at least 12 months. Opting out on breast milk will deprive your baby of other important nutrition.

Before I tell you about the best foods for your baby, let us first know if your baby is ready for solid foods:

  • Around six months of age most babies are ready to have new foods and textures.
    Try solid foods if your baby is about Six months of age.
  • Can easily sit on your lap and is able to balance his/her head stable.
  • Show interest in food, the gestures of baby after he/she sees food will easily help you make out the baby’s interest levels in food.
  • Take foods in month without pushing it out with tongue.
  • Shakes his/her head or uses hand to stop, when he/she is done eating.


Dark leafy greens and Vegetables

Leafy greens have high amounts of iron. Among green leaves, Spinach is perhaps the best known for its Iron content. Though there are many other varieties in green leaves like kale, chard etc.




To serve green leaves all you need to do is just steam the green leaves after you have cleaned the leaves thoroughly and have washed them properly. And after steam puree them.

Apart from green leafy veggies you can also try potato, pumpkins, sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, broccoli or cauliflower too. Just boil them until they turn soft and then puree them. Don’t worry about small lumps. A baby can very well chew on soft lumps.




Yogurt is a great food to introduce when your baby is about 6 months old. Yogurt boosts the immune system and supports brain and heart health. It is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, and it also contributes to the development of healthy bones and teeth.



Yogurt can be served on its own and can also be mixed with mashed veggies and fruits.

Avocados and other Fruits

Avocados are a rich source of protein and unsaturated fats. The fat composition is somewhat similar to breast milk.
Do not worry about feeding fat to your baby because unsaturated fat is good kind of fat that babies need for their brain development.



Mash avocado and feed your baby. You can similarly serve your baby apples, bananas and other fruits too.

Watery Rice Gruel

A very commonly followed food for babies by Indians is Rice Water gruel, this soup is a good source of protein, vitamins, calcium and starch.

Take 3 cups of filtered water and two tablespoons of properly washed rice. Boil the rice in water till the time it is well cooked and is soft. Mash rice a bit and strain through a sieve to get a watery rice soup.

You can gradually start giving more rice in this strained rice water.



Lentils are loaded with protein & fiber and are considered to be among the most healthy foods.
You can cook lentils and mash them to feed your baby.

Alternatively you can prepare a lentil soup with a cup of filtered water and two tablespoons of lentil.



Boil the lentils in half a cup of water until lentils are cooked and soft. Mash lentils and add the remaining water.  Boil again for a few minutes and strain through a sieve to get a clear lentil soup.

You can gradually reduce the quantity of water to the mashed lentils to make a thicker and more wholesome meal for your baby.

These are the best 5 first foods for babies. Hope your Baby likes them

What did you give your baby as his/her first food?


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