5 Best Potty Training Tricks

5 best potty training tricks.

Potty training is always a messy job. Lot of accidents happen; meltdown occurs and it can be quite a frustrating and a tough time for both kids and the parents. I have searched a lot for tips and tricks on potty training when I was going through it with my son and these are some which worked for us the best.



Bribe your child

It works sometimes if it’s done the smart way. It has to be something which your child likes and not something which you like. For example if your child’s favourite candy is éclairs then bribe him with that. If a parent tries to bribe them with carrot sticks, then it might not prove to be fruitful as it is a boring for them. The next thing to be done is to keep the bribe object in a place where they can see it and be sure that they are going to get it if they do things right. Try keeping it beside them or in piggy bank in which they can shake it while doing potty. Lastly don’t move away from your words and hand out the candy once the deed is completed. Reward works wonders when given at the right time.

Stretching the truth goes a long way

I am not telling you to lie to your children, but taking the trust and stretching it as far as you can may come handy. For example, telling your child where their potty goes. It could be going to a magical land or a fairy land, maybe it travels all the way to Disneyland. Whatever is that your kids revel in (cars, barbies etc), use your imagination and theirs to help them get their deed done.


Consistency is the key

When you first start out with potty training, sticking to time interval is a must. Pick a time frame, say every 15 minutes and place your kid on the pot even if they say they don’t want to do. Tell them to try. Once they understand that the potty is what they have to do there, we can gradually increase the time period.


Dad’s Magic

Sometimes dads can work magic to get your little ones to do things that moms can’t. Use the power of dad to your advantage and this will be helpful is you are training a boy as he has what a dad has. This was the case in my house. My son wouldn’t listen to me to go the pot and do potty, but when his dad told him to go and do it, he went in without saying anything. Maybe he was trying to prove to his dad that he has grown up now or maybe he could do it.

The naked truth

Keeping the children naked sometimes works. It is better to keep the furniture in your house covered and keep this practice usually to outside of your house. Feeling potty trickle down ones leg is not a good experience and the kids wouldn’t want it to keep happening to them again and again. In this case they would prefer using the potty.

Always remember that potty training takes time, regardless if you are dealing with a boy or girl. It will soon come in time and there will be no more diapers in the home.

Have you tried any tricks in potty training your child?

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