5 C-Section Recovery Tips

5 C-Section Recovery Tips

Cesarean deliveries have become so much common these days. When you have a normal delivery delivery, the body gets back to its usual self quickly but in case of a C-section there can be many complications. It is a surgery so you need to take a lot of precautions and your body will take longer to recover completely.

You should follow every guideline given by your Gynecologist to stay in the best of health. Here are some quick tips that will help make your recovery process a little faster-

Get Moving

Yes it is essential! Yes its right that you just had a surgery but it doesn’t mean that you cannot leave your bed. You can stand on your feet 24 hours after surgery. Just walk inside your room or take a short stroll in the hospital gallery. You need to keep moving as it helps in proper functioning of digestive system ans also reduces the risk of blood clots.

Eat Healthy

Eat fresh and healthy food. Good food helps you recover quickly. Avoid spicy and heavy food though. Drink plenty of water. Good food and proper hydration keeps your body healthy and immune to potential health problems.

Breast Feed

Do breastfeed if you can. it takes the pressure off abdominal muscles. As you may not be able to sit for long periods, feed your baby while lying down. You can take support of a pillow.


When you are back home, do not try to jump into household chores. Take help of family members and enjoy the relaxation time. You can do a little work but do not lift anything heavy in any case.

Do Not Stress

Not taking stress is crucial for new mothers. You may feel post-partum stress but do not let it get it on your nerves. Talk with your loved ones and go for walks to get some fresh air. Read good books, spend time with your baby and keep happy people near yourself. Stress delays recover after Cesarean.

Do you have more C-Section Recovery Tips?

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