5 Cyberbullying Protection Tips For Parents

5 Cyberbullying Protection Tips For Parents

Cyberbullying is broadly defined as- The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

There are many forms of cyberbullying from impersonating someone else to threatening a person. It can also be sexual. Now that the kids are exposed to internet at all times, the incidences of cyberbullying are on rise. They not only traumatize a child but can even lead them to take suicidal steps.

It is vital then that parents understand all aspects of cyberbullying and keep their kids safe. Here are some basic Cyberbullying Protection Tips For Parents-

Talk With Kids

Begin with an open chat with your child. Talk like a friend and win their confidence. Ask them if they are experiencing any kind of harassment online. You need to make them understand that you will help them and protect them whatever happens.

Another point is to make them understand what cyberbullying is. It is possible that your child is a cyberbully without being aware of it. It is imperative to ensure that they are not on any of the sides of cyberbullying.

Guide Your Kids

Guide your kids regarding proper responses to cyberbullies. Tell them that they should not respond to any such person. Kids should never reveal their identities and similar details to stranger. They should not post any troublesome photos on internet.

Tell your kids to never get involved in any kind of negative conversation on the web. Kids should always save whatever evidence they have of cyberbullying incidents. Blocking cyberbullies is always a good option.

If these things do not help, close all internet accounts of your kids and create new ones. Also get them a new phone number.

Keep Tabs On Kids

It does not mean that you keep hovering over them. First of all, be on every social network they use. Befriend them on social networks even if they object. Make them understand that it is for their own safety. Make good use of technology and install parental-control software on the devices your children use.

Make your kids understand that they need not befriend strangers online. Learn the internet language of your kids so that you have an idea what your kids may be talking about.

Make Your Kids Smarter

Your children need to know all the settings of the social networks they are using. They should know how to keep their content safe. Kids should understand that not every detail need to be shared online and that too not with everyone. These days social networks offer many advanced security settings that help in protecting your details and images.

Take Help

If a cyberbully refuses to leave your kid alone then report the case to police. They will help in tracking the bully down and will take necessary actions.

If your kid is traumatized by cyberbullying experience, you can take the help of a counselor who will help your child in dealing with the trauma and coming out of it.

You can also contact your kids’ schools to conduct programs that educate children regarding safe usage of internet and being secure from cyberbullies.

Do you have more cyberbullying protection tips to share?

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