5 Essential Foods for Underweight Toddlers

5 Essential Foods for Underweight Toddlers


While Obesity in infants is a cause of concern, malnourishment is an even bigger worry for parents to deal with. Although parents should use their wisdom and understand the child’s genetics too. No point in fretting over why your child is skinny if you as parents also have a small frame. Monitor your baby especially in the formative years, jot down a plan for their diet and see what all essential nutrients are missing from your baby’s diet and try and incorporate those.



  • Frequent Meals – Attention span of children is less, so in order to get them to eat healthy break down the meals and feed them at regular intervals. To eat an entire portion at one go might be a little trying for a toddler.
  • Stay Away from Junk – Junk does not help build weight. It only adds the unnecessary unhealthy calories which your child certainly doesn’t require. Remember to handle one problem you are actually adding another. Obesity is a big risk which your child can be prone to.
  • Get Creative – These kids are smart and they know how to weasel their way out of healthy eating. Get smart and trick them inside. Make eating healthy a fun activity, if they don’t like Spinach as a vegetable hide it in a bake or a pasta and add other veggies along with it so it is well camouflaged.
  • Different Cuisines – Children’s taste buds are still developing. They need to experience different dishes to get accustomed to flavours and new dishes. Don’t force your inhibitions on them. I remember I was a vegetarian when my son was born however I ensured that he started out on healthy non vegetarian options as soon as he could. He loved it and I know somewhere that is a reason that he is non fussy eater and eating out is no stress for me.

Some Essentials to be included in your Baby’s diet:-

Milk – Rich in calcium for bone growth and maintenance. Serve as per the doctor’s recommendation. You can also add Cheese along with milk.

Fat – Give them meats. Fish, Eggs and Chicken are the healthiest sources of Protein.  If you are a strict vegetarian give your child peanut butter or a handful of Peanuts.  These food products provides protein for building muscle and other important functions in the body.

Grains – Aata and Rice provide carbohydrates, the primary source of energy. 2 Chappatis are essential. However, even giving a portion of rice along with Daals is a good source of nutrition.

Fruit and Vegetables – They provide vitamins and minerals, a good source of fibre which helps reduce cholesterol for healthy skin, hair and vision.

Dry Fruits – A handful of dry fruits is absolutely essential for everyone especially for kids. Almonds, Cashew nuts, Raisins etc. should be included as a daily intake.

Sweets and Chocolates are Good – They add to the additional calories so don’t restrict them, however don’t let your child over indulge either.

It is important to remember that they are growing up faster than we can cope with, thus getting smarter and definitive in their opinion. Share with them the benefits to healthy eating, encourage them not order them about into eating healthy in order to gain weight.

What other foods are you including in your child’s diet?


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