5 Facts To Consider Before Conceiving Again

5 Facts To Consider Before Concieving Again


Deciding to have another baby is a turning point once again in your life. First and foremost is your wish and will. We did a brief discussion here on taking your own call about your next baby. If you have gone positive in making your decision, there are some more factors that still have its say on your decision of having another baby.



Current Routine

Do you have a fixed routine? Have you got back to your work with your first baby being cared for safe hands. How will you review your routine along with handling a new infant? What do you think about your job? And have you prepared your older children about the arrival of a new baby?

Financial Condition

How is your financial position in your life? As parents we strive to give our best to our children. Money isn’t everything; but the family raising and rearing definitely demands money. With every new child you need extra budget.

If your family has been running on 2 incomes (yours and your partner’s), and if at all you have to stay at home for  your second baby, then will a single income run your family? Or can you bear the new baby’s care if you still want to continue your job?

How old are you?

This is a matter of concern. If you have firmly decided to have another baby, and still want to give some more gap, then think of your age. There is an ideal age where a woman can bear a healthy baby.

If you have not had any conception problem earlier, then there need not be any worries as long as you are under 30. But aging does not give the luxury of having a wide children gap.

How old is your previous child?

The age of the last child you gave birth also comes into account. Considering the health of the next child your are about to conceive, it is suggested that the conception should not happen as long as your previous child is at least 18 months. This is because the mother’s body need time to recover from the stress of child birth. Early conceiving could also lead to malnutrition in your next baby.

Preparing the older child takes more importance so that they do not develop a rivalry feeling about the new infant.

Babies with small gap are difficult to be managed. But they are likely to keep themselves busy with each other’s company.

Where as a long gap children are easy to be handled since the older one would have been independent by the time the next baby arrives. But a long gap means that you are rearing children throughout your life time.

 So, what are your views on having your next baby and their age gaping?

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