5 Fantastic Ways To Keep Toddlers Busy At Home

Indoor games demands creativity. The indoor activities are fun only when they turn out to be interesting and exciting for babies/ toddlers.

Since I am stuck indoors most of the time these days due to freezing weather, I am bound to do one or the other thing that will make my daughter curious. Here are 5 things that keeps my toddler daughter occupied.

Books For Babies & Toddlers

Books are the best companions for babies since they hold the huge world of baby’s literature. The baby’s mind keeps searching for curious things happening around. Books with patterns, bright colors, activities, faces, vegetables, fruits, ABC’s, motors, there are as many as much you want. Select books according to your baby’s ages.


The blocks make a huge difference in early days of babies activities. They get to learn to grasp and lift. The soft fabric blocks bring the whole sense of piling up and arrangements. Fabric blocks are well suited for smaller babies. For toddlers, there are blocks with numbers, alphabets, or joining blocks to make a real thing.

Make your own toys:

Making your own toy is exciting. Help your child in the difficult steps. But they could always do the colouring, sticking, arranging steps while making their own toy.

A toddler will be excited to make a rattler even though the rattler is suitable for a much smaller baby.

Dressing up:

Dress up and pretending to be somebody else is the favorite of all children. Pretending as papa or mama or teacher brings out the creativity in the child.

This game is of course for toddlers who can understand a lot better than babies.

Sorting a pile of clothes:

Leave your baby to handle his own clothes. This will surely keep him occupied for a minimum of one hour. Be it pop up storage hamper or the regular storage bag. Removing his clothes out or throwing back in is a blissful game for babies. Well, learn to love the baby mess. :-P. Only then this idea is going to help.

For older kids you might ask to categorize their own clothes and rearrange everything neatly.

What indoor games do you try for your child?

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