5 Food Ideas For Kids On Christmas

5 Food Ideas For Kids On Christmas

Christmas is all about merry making and fun time for all the kids. There are so many cultural events organized in different schools and kids are really fond of the stories and jingles behind the birth of the Jesus Christ.

Small kids even engage in skits and fancy dress competition during this time. The most interesting thing associated with Christmas for the kids is that Santa Claus comes on the reindeer slough from the coldest place and bring so many goodies for the kids.

There are Christmas tree decorations during this time and kids exchange gifts with each other and wish each other good wishes for the festive season.

I remember spending Christmas with my Aunt two years back and I really enjoyed the occasion to the chore with my little cousin sister.

The festival is also known for the various food preparations that are usually famous for Christmas every year. Homemade pie, cakes, muffins, desserts etc. are common food items that are prepared during this auspicious day.

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I have few suggestions for the top food items for Christmas for the kids in every family.

Chocolate Cookies

Cookies are one of the common preparations which lure every kid towards the yummy fresh cookies. There are so many varieties of cookies that moms can opt to prepare for their kids and decorate them accordingly as per the occasion of Christmas.


Yummy delicious muffins is every kid’s cult favorite as this is a time when kids enjoy the most with lots of gifts and a number of food items to feast upon. A rich icing on the choco muffins is equally tempting.

Mix fruit Bread

Another commonly prepared food during Christmas is the Mixed fruit bread or loaf that attracts the kids as their favorite snacks for the evening snacks.


Cakes are something that every child absolutely loves to have and what could be a better occasion to have this yummy sweet recipe. However, cupcakes are a great option for kids as they are smaller in size and look really tempting for the taste of the little kids with each individual cupcakes of their own.

Cakes & Pastries

Well, a family or social gathering is very commonly seen during the Christmas season and so for that a huge cake is surely a must have recipe which kids lookout for at this auspicious time. The small individual pastries even count for a great sweet option in the elaborate food course.

I hope you liked these suggestions and I am sure you all must be planning to treat your kids with some of these sweet options to make their Christmas day memory everlasting.

Have you tried these food ideas for kids on Christmas?

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