5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important physiological function in the life of a human as it involves recreation of the self. This accounts for many things to keep in mind before conceiving and also during the gestation period. You may heave heard your mother & grand mothers talking about certain things to avoid during pregnancy. Well, Old is Gold goes well with this and they were actually correct about many things regarding pregnancy situation & nutrition during this time.

Scientifically speaking, nowadays pregnancy has become a safer affair as there is an army of nutritionists & doctors who advice on the basis of person’s preferences and don’t generalize things for all pregnant ladies. The nutritional requirements during pregnancy has been covered on Baby blog separately here. So, now its time to know more about the things which should strictly not consumed while carrying a baby as they may result in serious complications. Lets have a look at these edible items and the reason behind its non-consumption during pregnancy.



Processed Cheese &  other Dairy products

Cottage cheese or other dishes using processed cheese should be strictly avoided as they may contain certain bacteria which may lead to food poisoning. Also while you are pregnant you develop more chances of food poisoning with the slightest change in food nutrition.

Eggs & Poultry products

Raw or undercooked eggs are not safe to be eaten during pregnancy as they contain Salmonella bacteria which may have adverse effects on the baby’s health. Preparations like mayonnaise, mousse etc should be strictly avoided as these contain eggs in raw form.


Pregnancy is the time when you need to eat properly without exerting much pressure on the digestive system of your body. Meat should be avoided during this while as there is quite possibility that in case of under-cooking they may have bad effects on your health.Properly boiled and cooked meat can be consumed but in definite proportions only. Make sure to consume only fresh meat as all the stored meat have a high risk of carrying bacteria harmful for the baby’s health.

Fish & other Seafood

As we all know fish is so great for the body with all the proteins, essential amino acids and other beneficial things which may actually be good for you and your baby during pregnancy but because certain fishes are known to carry environmental contaminants like Mercury. So it is better to consume only fresh fish and that too in very small proportions just to stop your cravings and also limited portions may not be as problematic as regular intake.



Fishes like Tuna which are known to contain mercury in small traces should be avoided right away. In case you really can’t stop eating fish then make sure to cook it properly at high temperature so that any chances of bacteria causing food poisoning reduces to zero.

Fruits & Vegetables

Any unhygienic fruit or vegetable should not be consumed while you are carrying as there are high chances of bacteria entering your body through them. Mushrooms are one such vegetable which carry many risks of food poisoning. Sprouts should be cooked well as raw sprouts contain bacteria which may affect the baby’s healthy being.


Only edible items need not be shunned during pregnancy but there are many beverages which require to be reduced as per intakes so that they don’t harm the normal growth of the baby.

Excess caffeine is a strict no-no during pregnancy as it accounts for serious issues like miscarriage & low birth rate in the babies.

Herbal Tea should be included only if your dietician flags it as okay. That is mainly because there is no accurate information on the effects of thee herbs on the growth of the baby.

Alcohol is another drink which needs to be reduced completely as no levels of alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy. It is better to avoid any health issues due to this drink by not having it at all. There are many side effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy like still birth, miscarriage, heart defects, mental retardation etc.

We hope you find this article beneficial and properly overlook the food you consume during pregnancy!

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