5 Fun Ways To Teach Alphabet To Your Babies

5 Fun Ways to teach alphabet to your babies

As a parent it is very easy for us to say that we want our kids to learn ABC and 123’s before they join kindergarten, but the question arises that how do we do it? How do we make our restless children learn these things fast? Is there any specific time when I should try teaching them the basics? What if my kid is not at all interested in learning such things? How to make learning ABC’s fun? Often Parents

It is a lot easier as one may think it to be and in my opinion you should gear up with your mission of teaching ABC to your little one once the child turns 8 or 9 months old. However one thing is to be kept in mind; i.e. your child should enjoy the learning process and never dread it. In case he or she starts dreading it’ll be quite difficult to persuade your child to learn. ABC or 123 is the first step or rather the introduction of your child to the world of learning and so it should begin with fun and not with fear for books.

Here are a few ways in which parents can try teaching their kid

1. Reading ABC books

There are a lot of ABC books available in the market nowadays. Read the books over and over again. Your child might not be able to concentrate initially but you shouldn’t lose your patience at all. It is best to buy a book with superhero pictures or fairy tale figures or any other pictorial that your child is fond of. That will help him or her to stay focussed.

2. Singing the Alphabet song

Keep singing that song every time with your child, be it bed time, bath time or breakfast time. He might get bored with it eventually but surely it will be get set in his mind.

3. Play games

Play memory games with your child. It is available at any reputable toy store or you can even make it at home. Make your child match the upper case with lower case letters. For example match A with a.

A very basic game which I am sure everyone has played in their childhood is the almost cliched game; i.e. “A for apple, B for ball, C for cat, D for dog” and so on and so forth. Though very commonplace, that game till date works wonders. If your child has become older you can play the same game with a theme of animals or fruits. In this way he or she might be able to learn the names and spelling of various fruits, vegetable and animals too.

4. Make finger painting.

This is another very creative way to teach ABC to your child. You’ll need a poster board for this and colours too. Let your child paint alphabets using his fingers with whatever colour he or she likes. This is highly interacting and fun and will make an indelible impression on his or her mind as he or she will directly be involved in the activity

5. Make an alphabet book

It is always best to make one alphabet book for your child yourself instead of opting for the market-made ones. Buy a book having blank sheets and write down the alphabets in the blank sheet in bold, colour those with sketch pens to make them look bright. There should be only one alphabet per page. You can allow your child to do the writing too if you are confident enough that he or she can do it properly. Cut out any relevant attractive picture from a magazine and paste it just next to the Alphabet to which it matches

It is not that difficult to teach children alphabets if done systematically and in an interactive way. Make sure you don’t teach your little one a lot in a single because he or she is just a kid and his grasping power is limited. Finally be patient with your child. Do not scold him if he makes mistakes or is slow.

Do share with us your ideas of teaching Alphabet too


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