5 Innovative Toys That Toddler Will Enjoy

5 Innovative Toys That Toddler Will Enjoy


Each child is gifted with talent of some kind or the other. However, one thing common in toddlers is their creativity. And innovative toys are the best ways to express this creativity in them. The following innovative toys are most ideal for toddlers to display their creativity as they help in the mental growth and development of these toddlers. Check out these extremely affordable yet helpful innovative toys for toddlers.

The Wow Wee Art See Studio:

Make your toddler happy by presenting him with this interactive toy that takes him of a journey with motion, colour and sound. This particular drawing kit is completely different from the traditional ones that you are accustomed to as it gives him the opportunity to paint, draw and make his own animated creatures with the help of an iPad. You will have to take the slight pain of downloading this app, which is freely available on the internet, and then have it (the case) secured to the iPad. Now, launch it on this ‘Wow Wee Art See Studio’ toy. It is recommended for kids of all ages.



The Playskool Sesame Street Lullaby & Good Night Elmo:

This toy is perfect for getting your child to sleep peacefully at night. You can turn on the lullabies sweetly sung by this Elmo to give a soothing atmosphere for her to go off to sleep. Moreover, the bedtime phrases that the ‘Goodnight Elmo’ utters will make her feel relaxed, happy and entertained, mostly if she fears the dark. This toy is recommended for kids within18 months- 4 years.



The ALEX Jr. Tots Art Start:

Be it a mini version of Picasso or a budding artist, you child will be thrilled to have this toy kit that has everything that he needs to start his painting career. This amazing toy box contains tissue paper, ‘peel-and-stick’ collage boards, crinkly paper and doilies that will make him express his creativity in a unique way. The toy has been designed to allow children to show how their mind works and encourage metal development of the kids. This toy is recommended for kids 18 months and above in age.Buy it from flipkart here.



The Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Musical Pull Beehive:

Another interesting toy is the ‘Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Musical Pull Beehive’ that focuses on the musical side of the toddler. All you have to do is to pull the ‘bee’ that has smiling face and then watch as your little one dances to the motion and music of the toy. As your toddler pulls this bee towards himself, he will be treated with a sight to behold as this bee travels musically back to his ‘hive’and this is something worth watching. Your kid will be amazed every time the ‘bee’ does so. Additionally, you can also attach this toy to the play yard or your baby’s crib to keep him engaged and in awe. This toy is recommended for toddlers of all ages.



The Play-Doh Ultimate Rainbow Pack:

Your young one will surely try majoring in sculpture as you present him with this toy. It will get him to model masterpieces using the brightly-colored ‘modelling compound’ sticks that consist in child-friendly sculpture-making toy. It is recommended for kids that are 2 years and above in age.You may get it from flipkart here.



With the list provided above, you will not have to take the pain of thinking what to give your child for his physical and mental development as most of these toys specifically cater to these areas of a child’s growth. Have fun as you watch him grow in a creative environment.

Have you tried any of these toys?

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