5 Interesting Ideas For Disney World Visit

5 Interesting Ideas for Disney World Visit


The world of Walt Disney has something magical about it. The ‘Walt Disney Resort’ is inclusive of the Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. You will also be able to enjoy the ‘Downtown Disney’ for eating and shopping along with the water parks and the Disney hotels that surround this resort. Read on to learn five quick tips on your Disney world tour with family to make it more interesting and fun-filled.



Finding the Right Deal:

There was a time when you could save very little from your Disney package but with the change in economy you can now find deals that will fit within your budget requirements. There are several websites that offer great, lucrative deals that come with facilities such as ‘discount codes’ so that you have to pay less for your rental car. You can even find lower airfares for your trip to Disneyland. You will have to make the bookings much in advance to get the most profitable airfares.

Practical Thoughts:

A visit to Disney world gets exciting with time especially once you have bought the tickets and the travel time nears. You will have the tendency to pack more than what is necessary simply out of excitement. However, you should remember that you will not succeed in getting on all the rides, visiting all the parks and have every nook and corner of the place in your trip. Therefore, make wise choices in what you carry ensuring only the necessities along with change of clothes for the number of visiting days are carried along.

Choose The Time:

If you are running low on budget, you should consider visiting the place during off-season when the restaurant prices and hotel rates are lower. The best time for planning your trip, according to sources, is in late fall, i.e. just prior to Thanksgiving holiday in November. You can also make the trip within two weeks following this holiday as it is perfect in terms of weather and crowd. If you can reach the gates of Disney world 30 minutes before opening time you might even get paid back ‘5 times over’!

Making a Plan:

After getting your gate pass, go for the rides that are must-sees, i.e. the ones with longer queues with the passing of the day. Once you enter the ‘Magic Kingdom’ you will first take your ‘older kids’ to the ‘Two Mountains’ (Splash and Space) and then lead the ‘younger ones’ to the ‘Buzz Lightyear’, ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’. Next, plan to visit the Hollywood Studios where you will come across ‘Indiana Jones: Epic Stunt Spectacular’, ‘Muppet Vision 3-D’ and ‘Toy Story Mania’. Head for the ‘Epcot’ where you will come across ‘Soarin’ and ‘Mission: SPACE’. And finally, take a spin at the ‘Animal Kingdom’ to see the ‘Expedition Everest’, the ‘Kilimanjaro Safaris’ and ‘Dinosaur’. Making a plan will help you cover as many places as possible, especially the ones you long to visit without any problems.

411 Assistance:

Although, you are provided with the stroller facility you should carry along with you a ribbon or scarf for ID while queuing at any ride’s entrance. You can also hit the ‘Baby Care Centres’ for taking a break or while you are in need of emergencies. These places come with cosy chairs, television with Disney movies playing and are quite spacious and clean. For more assistance on finding these rooms you can pick a ‘Magical Beginnings’ map that is available in all the theme parks where they are clearly marked so that you can reach without any confusion.

With all the information and guidelines provided above now you can plan a trip that will give you maximum enjoyment without any trouble.

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