5 Learning Games For Toddlers

5 Learning Games For Toddlers

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Any exciting weekend plans with your toddlers?

I am here with a compilation post of some learning games & toys for toddlers reviewed on the Baby Blog to give an idea of gaming options mothers can choose for their tiny tots.

These are fun games which are suited to the developing minds of growing kids and are mainly formulated for the learning needs of toddlers in this technology friendly age of gadgets.

Counting Learning Games|Skillofun Number and Bead Set

It is strange that these days toddlers don’t need any guidance for operating gadgets but they surely give a tough time o parents in learning basic alphabets, numbers or symbols.

This unique toy has been developed keeping in mind the counting issues most toddlers face in the early days. the beads & tags help a child in learning numbers, coordinating hands with eyes and also identifying numbers & colors.

Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray With Picture

This is probably one of the best ways to teach basic Hindi alphabets to your toddlers. The tray has the letters & symbols pictorially depicted and kids have to place the correct alphabet in the shallow holes provided.

A growing baby understands more by visually seeing objects which are drawn in front of the respective alphabets. The bright color objects make them attracted to those symbols and in this way they eventually learn.

Finger Family Game for Babies and Toddlers

This is a unique do it yourself kind of learning game which kids find really engaging as they are able to relate with the family members in this. The finger rings are put in the fingers of the baby and they are asked to tell which family member is their in which of the finger in their hand.

This is a priceless game parents can make for their kids and kids will surely value these and learn to recognize the members of the family and what are they called.

Leap Frog Letter Discoveries Review

A musical toy for kids which enhances the musical learning capacity in toddlers. The musical notes change as per the setting in this toy. Toddlers find it really interesting as pre recorded sound is heard on pressing the tabs. The right pronunciation of letters & numbers is developed to a great extent with these toy.

There are also many rhymes recorded in this toy so you kid may just keep humming these rhymes and one day they will learn the rhyme & sing it you!

Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture Review

Just like the Hindi alphabet tray, this English alphabet tray is again a great way to make them learn the basic pre-school essentials in a fun & easy way. English alphabets are considerably easily grasped by kids these days because of the extensive use of English language in our day to day use.

The bold color pictures attract the twinkling eyes of toddlers and they slowly start understanding these objects and start learning them.

So far as learning games are concerned, all of the above are great examples of games ideal for growing toddlers.

Have you tried these learning games for your toddler?

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