5 Main Symptoms Of Miscarriage

Main Symptoms of Miscarriage

Motherhood gives a woman fulfillment in her life and when gets the news that she has conceived, she is perhaps on the top of the world. Then with every passing day during her pregnancy period, her eagerness, her impatience to have the baby, her waiting for the baby keeps on increasing. As she sees her baby belly, feels the baby inside growing, sees the baby moving on the ultrasound screen, she is already a mother to the unborn baby and develops a deep emotional bond with it. What if everything ends in a miscarriage and she loses her baby midway before it can see the light of the world?

Yes Miscarriages often happen to many pregnant women in their early pregnancy period as also in their advanced pregnancy periods and it is perhaps the greatest emotional trauma a would-be mother who was all the time expecting a baby, could go through. Medically Miscarriage is referred to as ‘spontaneous abortion’. A month back my cousin’s pregnancy ended in full miscarriage when she was on her 11th week. She couldn’t overcome the depression of losing her baby suddenly till now even.



There are many causes of Miscarriage. Some of the major causes are: Immunological Disorders, Chromosomal Abnormalities, Hormonal Problems, Infection, Incompetent Cervix, Thyroid disease, Kidney Disease, Severe impoverishment, uterine abnormalities, renal problems, heart disease and so on.

Usually sometimes in the very early stages of pregnancy a woman miscarries sometimes even without knowing that she is pregnant. In the very advanced stages, i.e. after the 20th week, chances of miscarriage are comparatively low. However to keep yourself aware and alert and seek timely medical help, you must know the major symptoms of miscarriage. So here it is:


Bleeding resulting from miscarriage may be heavier than the usual monthly menstrual cycles. You may pass clots or embryonic tissue along with the shedding of the uterine lining. Sometimes women will also have a dull pain in their lower abdomen and lower back along with the heavy bleeding or this pain may begin many days later post bleeding too. The bleeding is often accompanied by a feeling of heaviness is in the lower abdomen.


You may experience excruciating cramps in your pelvic region or lower abdomen. This is one among the early signs of miscarriage.  If you are facing cramps during pregnancy then you need to seek a gynecologist’s help immediately.

Change in hormone level:

Level of human chorionic Gonadoptropin (HCG) rises during pregnancy. In normal pregnancy its level doubles every two to three days. If there is any deviation then it is an indication of an abnormal pregnancy. Keeping track of your HCG levels will you to keep track of your pregnancy either. With blood tests done every two days you can be sure that your HCG level is not dropping. If it does, you are sure to have a miscarriage.

Fetus movement:

In the fourth month of pregnancy usually the fetus starts moving. This is perhaps the most joyous experience for a mother because this is the time when she can feel her baby moving and growing within her for the first time. If you are not feeling any movement of your baby then there is no further development and something is indeed amiss. You need to contact your gynecologist immediately as this might be the sign of miscarriage.

Termination of pregnancy symptoms:

You may also face other sudden termination of pregnancy symptoms at the time of miscarriage such as fatigue, sore breasts, fever or frequent urination.

So these are the main symptoms of miscarriage. Losing the possibility of becoming mother through sudden miscarriage is the most painful experience any woman can go through. There goes a common saying that there’s a mother in every woman and so I being a woman can well imagine the unfathomable grief of any woman who has gone through such experience. However knowing these symptoms will make you rush for medical help timely and the world of dreams you had set up with your unborn baby in your imagination might be saved from shattering!

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