5 Must Have Winter Wear For Toddlers

5 Must Have Winter Wear For Toddlers

Winters have slowly started to come in its full form and there has been a sudden fall in temperature since the last two weeks. Well, winters are more chilling in the northern and central part of the country and that why it takes a lot of layering of woolen and warm clothes to keep protected from the cold climate. Kids particularly need to be kept warm inside otherwise they get prone to severe cold and cough issues in the slightly cold climate.

Here, we will basically discuss about the essential items with regards to Winter Clothing for kids. This includes layering clothes, accessories etc. So, lets know what winter wear items are a must have for a kid to cope up with the drastically falling temperature and stay warm so that health issues like severe cold may not occur to them.

Soft Inner Layers-

Opting out for soft inner layering will help in trapping the air between the layers and keep your toddler warm. This mostly preferred as too many woolen layers will tend to make the child uncomfortable and they will not feel easy in those outwear clothes. Opt for soft cotton based inner thermals to keep your kid’s skin without any itching or any other issue.

Pick up a set of thermals for top and bottom as these are easy to wear and to take out. The pants have an elastic band which makes it easy to put them on and eventually remove.

Hooded Sweatshirts-

To protect your little one from the existing chilly climate you must ensure to pick up only those winter wear clothing which are comfortable for them and can  be easily put on. Usually kids are not at all happy in wearing clothes with a slender neck like pullovers until the neck opening is wide enough to get their head easily out of it.

A hooded sweatshirt or jacket is another great option for your kid as it has a woolen cotton fabric and helps in keeping the kid warm without making them suffocate in the heavy woolen wear which they always complain about itching their skin.

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Air-puff Jackets-

Another great option to save your child from the chilly breeze while going out is to buy an air-puff jacket which has a soft cotton woolen inner lining to make it comfortable to wear by the kid.

These jackets prevent any air to pass through the child’s clothing and hence they remain protected from the chilly climate.

Cotton-Wool Cap-

Another easy way to catch cold is through the head as much of the body heat is also gone from the head and thus it needs to be covered to maintain the body temperature and thus prevent kids from catching cold. A soft wool cap is an ideal thing to get for your kid this Fall season. Make sure to not pick the wool which has harsh fibers. Opt for a soft wool so that your kid doesn’t discards it to wear while going out in the cold season!

Woolen Socks & Gloves-

Keeping the feet and palm warm is also essential to let the body heat trapped and keep the body warmer. Mittens should be opted for the younger kids as it is easy to slip these on them and it keeps their hands together ensuring the warmth to be long lasting.

For grown up kids, gloves are an ideal option as you can’t expect them to be all comfortable without moving their fingers to do something or the other.

I hope you like these suggestions for your kids!

What do you prefer for winter wear for your kids?

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