5 Must Try Things For New Mothers

Must Try Things For New Mothers


Motherhood is a exciting and challenging journey. We bring you here a few items and their reviews that are essentials for a new mother. Have a look.

Breast Pads

Motherhood comes with many unusual things one of them being the secretion of milk from the breasts.  Once the milk flows in, you are going to have leaks even if you are feeding and/or pumping regularly. Always wear these pads or have them handy to avoid getting your clothes wet. These come in various types like reusable & disposable. So based on your choice you should definitely try this product exclusively designed for nursing mothers!


Breast Pump

Breast feeding has been a latest topic of discussion and given the fact that we are having Breast feeding week which ensures to create awareness among women regarding importance of Breastfeeding for at least six months from the time when baby is born. Well, Many of nursing mothers are not that lucky to be able to breast feed their new born due to nipple disease, baby unable to feed naturally or just due to lack of time. These revolutionary products have ensured that no baby is dependent upon any other source of milk than a mother’s milk. These pumps help the mothers to collect the milk as per their comfort and feed the baby because there is definitely nothing better than mother’s milk for a baby.


Nursing Bra

Well, till the time of conception you must have known about various types of these but as you deliver you need a good nursing bra to cater the needs of  the baby by feeding them with ease & comfort. There are still many women who don’t know about the importance of nursing bra and stick to the old ones only which they used during pregnancy. Well, it is surely a must try thing for a nursing mother!



Post Natal Massage

Who doesn’t loves massage sessions be it a simple head massage or a full body massage in a spa. Massage is the best way to relax your body muscles and increase the flow of blood which is really great for the body as blood reaches through every part of the body & maintains the pressure of blood to a normal level. Post natal massage is surely an old practice and is important one so as to enable the new mother regain the lost strength and flexibility of the body which may have temporarily undergone dormancy due to delivery & breastfeeding. It gives the body the momentum to function properly and helps new moms to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.


Nipple Cream

These creams are really helpful for those mothers who have not so soft nipples due to the problems developed after delivery in the milk glands or they may just feel that constant breastfeeding tends to leave their nipples sore & painful so to deal with these little things these creams are available on medical shops and can really work as magic.


We hope you like these suggestions and give a try as you proceed to the beautiful journey of Motherhood!

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