5 Online Toys Available For Your Toddler

5 Online Toys Available For Your Toddler


The internet is full of online games for preschoolers which you can access for your toddler’s entertainment. You can choose from among the ones provided below the one that will suit your toddler’s requirements in terms of features and appearance. The toys are unique in their own way and focus on the computer practicing abilities of your child so that he can get used to this device more easily.

You should consider using the ‘kid’s rocket browser’ before allowing your child to sit on any of these online games for locking unwanted things. The browser disallows their leaving what program they are working on and starting any other software which will prevent messing up of your computer. The browser also includes 2 art programs along with math programs that have been preinstalled for giving more options to your child. You will be able to access this browser through Google. These 5 online games have been listed in the following lines.

The ‘Elmo Keyboardorama’:



This game’s greatest advantage is that your child does not need to get used to a mouse for it. The game is ideal for 6 months and above children. Kids will love to hit the keyboard at this age. Elmo will produce some sound each time your kid hits the keyboard letters and on pressing the ‘space bar’ Elmo will simply ‘laugh’. This game covers all the numbers and letters.

The ‘Thomas the Tank Engine Balloons Game’:             



This game too teaches your child to make use of the mouse through ‘trial and error’ method. All your kid has to do is chase all the balloons in the screen and try to pop them all within a minute’s time. This game will facilitate his mouse-clicking technique every time he plays. It will encourage them to perform better with every chance they miss and increase the popped balloon figure. It is surely an enjoyable game for any kid.

The ‘Super Why’s’:



This game also happens to be one of the PBS shows. It has been developed as a game by PBS kids. The best game on this online gaming portal is one which involves a ‘girl on skates’. This game is special as it educates your kid to start using the mouse properly. This mouse is the only way to help the girl reach her grandmother’s house for which the mouse has to be moved both upwards and downwards. Your child will not have to click on the mouse which makes on the rotator movement of the mouse applicable for your kid’s convenience.

The ‘Dora’s Music Maker’:                                                                                 



If your kid is a music lover, he will surely enjoy this game that involves musical instruments. The game teaches your kid about the various musical instruments and their sounds. He will also learn to differentiate between the 1-4 notes which can be turned off according to his pleasure.

The ‘Little People Online Games’:



This is a game in which your child will have to match the animals on the screen, making him learn the different types of animals. He will also get familiar with the sound association of each of the animals with their respective sounds. Thus, your child will be able to educate himself in a fun-filled way through this game.

Thus, the online games listed above will help your child to make the best use of the computer and get acquainted with it in an enjoyable way.

Have you tried any of these for your child?

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