5 Prioritized Baby Gears Essential For Your Child’s Growth

5 Prioritized Baby Gears Essential for Your Child’s Growth

It can be overwhelming for any mother to undertake the responsibility of her new born baby. You need to prepare yourself and the baby with all the changes that will take place in his body and his environment which is why you have to stay prepared with all the necessary gears for your child to make his growth as easy and comfortable as possible for both him and you. The list below discusses five important gears that will keep you prepared from his birth to the time he is ready to take on the world on his own.

Gear no.1- The Breast Pump:

If you are a working woman you cannot stay all day with your baby. Since your child is still dependent on you for food, you have to purchase a high quality based breast pump that will work efficiently in pumping out all or most of the milk. However, if you are a homemaker, you can spend most of your time with the baby and in that case you can consider investing in a simplified manual version of the breast pump. You can even do without a pump while at home and breastfeed your baby, which is a far better idea than spending money unnecessarily on breast pumps. The decision however, rests with you as to whether this gear makes you more comfortable in feeding the child or not.

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Gear no.2- The Baby Bed:

One of the most important requirements for your baby as soon as he enters this world is a resting place. The market is filled with options in baby bed from bassinet to crib and much more. For making a cost-effective investment you can consider buying those versatile bassinets that come with options including play area and travel bed apart from the original bassinet.

Gear no.3- The Car Seat:

As your child keeps growing you will need to travel with him to places like the doctor, the local store and sometimes to visit relatives. A car seat for your baby is a necessity while carrying him with you wherever you go. You can either opt for the ‘infant carrier’ or the ‘convertible car seat’. Out of these options the former one offers more comfort and benefit to the child.

  • The Infant Carrier- It can be used from the baby’s birth till the time he grows 20 inches in height or 30 pounds in weight and faces rear only. You have the facility of using it even when the car is not around and does not wake the baby up while taking him into or out of the car.
  • The Convertible Car Seat- This gear can face both rear and forward as and when required. It is bulkier than the ‘infant carrier’ but keeps the baby safe inside the vehicle.

Gear no.4- The Baby Carrier:

Although there are several baby carrying options like swings and bouncers, it is important that you keep your baby close to you. And with technological advancements like baby carriers you can have your baby with you while you are performing other chores of the house. These gears keep your baby cosy and secured and let your hands go free for completing other works. There are several types of baby carriers and slings but you should select the one that will keep your baby secured to you without the chances of falling off while you busy working.

Gear no.5- The Swing:

With his growth and development your baby will want to enjoy outdoor environment more than indoors. Building a swing for him is a good way to keep him engaged while he is outside during the day or night. It will be best to buy swings that move sideways as well as forward. It will be a new experience for him and maybe he will take a liking to it, breathing in the fresh air every time he goes out for swinging.

These are the 5 top gears that you will require while your child is growing. You can search online for the cost-effective yet quality versions of these gears.

Have you used any more gears for your baby ?

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