5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Cloth Diapering Your Baby

Benefits of Cloth Diapering


It’s an undeniable fact that cloth is better for the environment. But do you remember those early days when ‘cloth’ + ‘diapering’ meant using those ‘messy’ cloth nappies with a safety pin? Well, thank you ‘those-early-days’ for passing-by. And now it’s the modern diapering system that lets us enjoy some amazing and easy-to-use stuff at an awesome ( I-know-it’s-a-little-expensive-but-worth) prices.

I have been cloth diapering both of my girls for many many months now and I’m so very satisfied with the way they have been working for us. Many of my mommy and mommies-to-be friends find cloth diapering very fascinating, but by that I don’t mean they all want to cloth diaper their young ones. I always try to play my little role in convincing them on how amazing the modern cloth diapering system is.



So here are five advantages of cloth diapering for all you mommies:

They are Eco-friendly:

If you have been worrying all while about where exactly all those used disposable diapers are dumped, and what happens to them in the end, then dust up your mind because cloth diapering will save you all of that stressful ‘stress’! The modern ‘cloth’ diapering system is absolutely eco-friendly, because cloth can be of no harm to the environment. Right?

They are Re- usable and Inter-changeable:

The best part about cloth diapering your little one is that its reusable, which means you can use, use and reuse them any number of times with all of your kids since they can be used right from birth until the child is potty-trained. Plus if you have two or three kids under 0-3 years of age then you can use any diaper with any kid.

They are Fashionable:

If your child is a little fashionista then cloth diapers will only that ‘extra’ chic and stylish touch to your baby’s wardrobe. Since they are available in beautiful colors, awesome prints and now also in designer collections.

It’s an investment:

Did you try to calculate how much you spend on disposable diapers every year?? Just try to redo it for a clarity and then compare it with the amount you will spend on cloth diapers. I’m sure you will be shocked at how much you have been wasting. So this is just another reason to consider cloth diapering because it’s an investment of sorts.

They are healthy and eases potty-training:

Many parents who have been cloth diapering their children will tell you that it was easier to potty-train them as compared to other parents who used disposables with their kids. And I will certainly agree with it as my now, two and a half year is potty-trained.

So if you were one of those parents who always dismissed the ideas of the modern cloth diapering system, just because you thought it was ‘too’ messy to use cloth with your kids, then think again because times have changed and cloth diapering is indeed a blessing for the baby, the parents and the environment.

So Mommies Happy Cloth Diapering!

Have you used cloth diaper for your baby? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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