5 Reasons Why Your Child Is Falling Sick Frequently

5 Reasons Why Your Child Is Falling Sick Frequently

It is commonly observed that new mothers are always concerned about their child’s health as they frequently fall sick which makes it difficult for a mother to cope up with a cranky sick child and comfort him or her. When a child falls sick it involves the whole family as children are very sensitive and tend to get affected internally if any health issue happens.

I have seen many moms who complain of their child falling sick every now and then which makes me think as if what is wrong with the immunity or nutritional habits which make them prone to illness!

So here is an extensive detail about the five major reasons why your child is falling sick too often!

Common Infections-

Small babies are likely to catch infection too soon from the surrounding and  so if you think any one in the house has mild cough of cold issues, your baby will too catch it if they remain in direct contact with the infected people.

Changes in Temperature-

Kids are very sensitive as they tend to slowly adapt to the climate changes or weather conditions little slowly and in the process they may feel sick if their body is not immune enough to cope up with the sudden climatic changes or temperature differences!

Practice strict hygiene-

It is a must thing to have a hygienic surrounding around the baby until they are healthy again. Always wash and sanitize your hands before feeding your kids. If they are toddlers then make sure that they too wash their hands as many kids love to use their own hands while eating or anything. In the process, they may intake germs and bacteria if they don’t practice hand washing habits before eating!

Sterilize teethers/ pacifiers/ feeding bottles-

If you experience that your child is frequently falling ill even after taking care of hygiene and all, make sure that you don’t skip and important thing which is to sterilize the baby use products like teether/pacifiers/ feeding bottle thoroughly and they can really hamper your kids health every now and then if not sterilized properly!

Boost their Immunity-

Generally, after taking all the above mentioned precautions it is still seen that kids are falling sick. Ideally in that case there is an issue with the kid’s internal system and a weak immune system may be a possible reason for the illness. Make sure to give an immune boosting diet to your child so that their body resists any foreign invasion and fails to cause any infection which may lead to sickness!

Checkout some Immune boosting food for children below-

5 Immunity Boosting Food For Toddlers

Well, these were some of the important reasons which cannot be ignored in order to make your child healthy and free from illness!

Have you taken these precautions for your child?

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