5 Simple Baby Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

You can make your birthday party either a simple affair with just food  and drinks or make it an memorable affair by putting in little more effort.Birthday decoration is one thing which is completely your choice.Either you want it or you don’t want it .It’s never a compulsion atleast in India. Below are some of the birthday decor tips which one can take ideas from.You can always change things as per your theme , budget and requirement. Below we tried to create a door which has all balloons on it and there was a cut out of cartoon characters beside the stores. We hired a person to do this task but this can be easily done by yourself with a little planning.What brings the real look into the party is balloons. Flowers too can be used but they are an expensive deal. Cut outs can be avoided or if one can get them on rent if possible.You can even make easy cartoons like penguin etc which doesn’t take much time but still cut out is not that easy .

This is the entrance gate where four – five balloons were put together and pasted by a cello tape.It’s pretty easy and can be done anywhere possible.It can be done on windows, cake table etc.

We had put group of four  balloons on each table as well to give the birthday feeling.


  Here is the birthday cake table decor where birthday caps were placed all around the table and these silver strings were spread all around.Cake can be places in between.

Although flower decoration is quite an expensive affair but if you can manage 3 -4  flower bouquet to be placed near your guest they will surely feel special  :).I am some one who goes out of her way to do that .:)

  I saw some easy and cheap ideas for birthday decoration on pinterest .This balloon idea with ribbon is quite an interesting and easy one and gives the birthday feeling.Having the food table near is great too  to add to the decor.

    This one is girly and beautiful.You can get coloured tutu from the market which I heard is pretty cheap.Just paste it around the table and add decorative pieces to it.Very very beautiful.A cake table can be decorated beautifully this way.

Do let me know if you have any other easy , affordable party decor idea in your mind P.S – Last two pics are taken from pinterest rest all are mine.

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