5 Tasty Food Ideas For Two Year Old Kids

5 Tasty Food Ideas for Two Year Old Kids


As the baby attains the age of two years, they are quite accustomed to eating whole grains in the form of food and also develops a certain taste of food items. Usually kids are very picky initially and stick to eat very few food items but if you happen to continuously provide certain food items without pressurizing them to eat, they may have it eventually as per their liking. Well, exceptions are everywhere and kids are really difficult to understand sometimes. Your kid may not like to have a specific food like porridge while the other in your neighborhood would finish the same dish two times a day!

Here are five different food ideas which may appeal to most of the kids and they may give a try to eat these recipes which are quickly prepared and taste yummy!

Suzi/ Semolina  Toast for Kids

This is probably one of the quickly prepared food items for two year old kids. Semolina is filling for the baby;s tummy and also a healthy food ingredient. These can be given as a evening snack to your toddlers/kids .They are filling but not as filling that it will lead to skipping of the dinner.


You may easily combine these toasts with mango shake or smoothie and present to your kids. They will surely like to have it as a tasty snack.

Aaloo Cheese Tikki/ Patties for Toddlers

Another tasty food option for the kids of two years age is the yummy tikki/ patties made out of mashed potatoes & cheese. . This is a very easy and take less time taking recipe which can be easily prepared by moms. Potato is something which most of the kids prefer to have in comparison to other veggies! Similarly cheese is loved by kids and there are only a few picky food eaters who don’t like this lip smacking ingredient in food.


You may combine this yummy food with your child’s favorite juice flavor and some sweet & sour tomato sauce to add that extra taste in these tikkis.

Paneer Bhurji Stuffed Pizza Parantha

This unique Paneer bhurji stuffed pizza parantha is something which every kid will love to feast upon as pizza is something the kids cannot resist. The use of paneer and other veggies in making the paneer bhurji is itself a filling & healthy food for your two year old kid!


This is a very easy to prepare and perfect for the lunchbox kind of food item which the kids will love to the core.

Kidney Beans & Rice for toddlers

This is yet another food option for the kids as many of them love to have rice more in comparison to roti or parantha. So to deal with this you can give boiled & cooked kidney beans along with some rice with some veggies in it so that your kid gets the maximum nutrition out of the food and has a filling lunch or dinner.


In case your kid refuses to have those kidney beans separately, mix it along with the vegetable  rice and serve. They will surely have it tastefully! Alternately, you may also add roasted soya chunks in the vegetable rice and serve to your kid. They will love this for sure!


Semiya/Vermicelli recipe for Toddlers

This is a great food option for two year kids as it is easy on the stomach requires less oil and has lots of vegetables in it which the kids will love to have. One may add as many types of vegetables in this dish and the delightful looks of the dih will be tempting enough for the kids to enjoy this food item.


Vermicelli is a great food option for kids and is also given in the form of desserts. Well, if your kid likes salty flavors more than you should definitely try making this dish for your kiddo!

I hope you find these dishes of your interest and try making them for your growing lifeline!

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