5 Things To Do When Your Baby Starts Crawling

5 Things To Do when Your Baby Starts Crawling


So finally your baby has crossed another milestone and has started crawling. It is a super-happy moment for every parent but it is essential that you don’t undermine some important steps that you need to take now. You have to save your curious angel from getting hurt and you also need to make them learn new things now.


This is the most important step and should be first on your list. Secure all drawers with the baby-proofing products available in the market. Keep all sharp, small and breakable items out of baby’s reach. This will save your little one from getting hurt and will obviously save you some money.

Don’t leave baby alone on bed

Now that your baby can crawl, there is every possibility that they will crawl over everything kept to save them from falling down. Be with your baby at all times when they are on bed, sofas etc. Otherwise let them enjoy on the floor.

Keep the Floor Clean

Whether your floor is bare or carpeted, keep it clean always. The baby’s hands and body will be in contact with floor and chances are that the hands will travel to their mouth too. So maintain hygiene to ensure baby’s health.

Make them Learn to Walk

It is the perfect time to help your baby to learn walking. Hold their hands and make them walk but do not leave their hands for now as it may cause baby to lose balance and fall down. When your baby is crawling, it is also a good idea to let them wander. Yes, baby-proof your home and let them explore the house on all foors.

Take Pictures

Do not forget to freeze those crawling moments with the help of technology. Make sure that you click pictures of your baby, crawling. Also make some videos to relive those times whenever you want.

Have you done these when it was your time?

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