5 Tips to Help Your Baby Relax in A New Environment

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Relax in A New Environment


New place, new surroundings, new people are all just too perfect ingredients to unsettle us adults. The same holds true in case of babies and toddlers too. The unfamiliar surroundings and new faces make them uncomfortable and sometimes it even make them cry inconsolably. Being a new mom I was at a complete loss the first time I had to deal with such a situation but now I have learnt ways to keep him happy even when he finds himself surrounded by new faces. As I have tried and tested these tips myself I thought I would share these with all the new moms to help them out

Get hold of items that your baby cherishes

Just like us adults with a favourite watch or a favourite pair of jeans, babies too have a few things that they absolutely love. It could be anything, perhaps a musical cot mobile, a soft toy or even a board book. These few things give them a sense of familiarity and comfort even in new surroundings. So, next time when you are off to a new place pack a few of your baby’s favourites that she loves to spend her time with and produce these things for her to play or cuddle with when she finds difficult to settle down. In my son’s case there are some five to six pip squeaks, blanket, his favourite board books, the musical part of his cot mobile and some balloons that I always have with me when we are going somewhere new for over twelve hours.



Try your best to stick to the schedule

If you are a smart mom (and I know you definitely are ) you definitely follow a routine with your baby at home. I have often noticed that my baby becomes really unhappy when we don’t follow his schedule away from home. So, I make it a point to pack all the necessary items that I would need to follow his schedule even when we are away. For example, my baby plays for a bit after his bath in the morning and then takes a nap for at least two hours and he becomes really cranky on missing it out. Often when you are meeting your relatives this routine gets disrupted resulting in a fussy baby. Try your best to follow the same schedule that you follow at home. It would help them cope with the changes.

Spend some time alone with your baby

No doubt when you are with your mom, you are bubbling over to fill her in with all the details of your life. But, now that you are a mother yourself, you need to understand that your baby has the same attachment with you. So, spend some time alone with your baby playing your favourite games, reading, singing or just cuddling up. My son and I love to sing and enact “If you are happy and you know it” when we are alone for much laughter and happy squeals I would also let you all in on my little secret here When we go to my mom’s house I let my husband play with our baby, as he doesn’t get much time to spend with him and I know that my baby loves to get the undivided attention of his dad. This gives me some free time to spend with my mom Easy isn’t it?

Don’t leave your baby in the care of an unknown person

An unknown person here means, grandfather, grandma, aunt, cousin or anyone else in the family who the baby doesn’t know yet. A new person would instantly send her to hysteria and it would be very difficult to handle her. I have often experienced that there would be at least one or two in the family who would think that they are expert in handling babies and they would easily sooth your baby. But, I have failed to see them work their magic, at least on my baby. I really hate it when they would snatch away my happy son and then return him to me howling uncontrollably telling me he doesn’t mingle well with people. I have learnt my lesson and now I don’t let them handle him in my absence.

Let your baby take plenty of rest

Too many new things happening at a time might over stimulate a baby leading him/her to cry inconsolably. Therefore the best way to handle this is to let your baby take plenty of rest.



Your baby might not understand that she needs some rest after all the hyper activeness with her little cousins but make sure that she gets some rest or she would end up getting cranky when its past her nap time or bedtime.

Seasoned moms don’t forget to chip in with some more valuable advice.



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