5 Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Environment Clean

5 Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Environment Clean


Keeping your baby’s environment safe and clean is challenging yet extremely important and crucial especially in the first year. Even though I suffer from this constant urge to keep my home spick and span, yet the first year after our son was born my husband was obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene. No one was spared. Right from my son’s grand – parents, to the maids or anyone who came visiting us. Lollzz. There was a big bottle of hand sanitizer just as you entered our home and there was no way you could move further without using it liberally.

As important it is to maintain hygiene equally important is to keep a check of what all products are going in to keeping your pad clean. There are so many harmful chemicals available in the market which get added to detergents, liquid floor cleaners etc. that you might as well don’t use it and just clean up with plain water. Sadly, with a new born that is not an option. However, we can definitely look at some options:-

  • Keep a look out for organic cleaning agents. They may not have a great smell and not appear very effective, yet they are a better choice. They are less harmful and with a small infant right from the strong smells, fumes, touch etc nothing you would like to affect your baby. I used to add a few drops of pure citronella oil to the mopping concentrate. The house smelt lovely and the mosquitoes were kept at bay.



  • Washing Detergent – As is your baby gentle so are the clothes that he will be wearing. They are made up of really soft cotton and are delicate. Exposing them to harsh cleaning agents not just reduces their life, they also don’t remain comfortable after a few washes. I used to use a mild baby detergent (can’t remember the name) and add a capful of savlon which served as antiseptic and killed any germs or infections than could be passed on.
  • Other Agents – We completely stopped using any cleaning agents for wooden furniture, glass windows etc. Everything would be wiped clean with a dry cloth or just plain water.
  • Linen – Bed linen as well as other places whether it is the living room or dining should be changed regularly. Your baby lies on those sheets or is eating on the table. Chances of infection are high and should be washed and changed regularly.



  • Keep Note of Allergies – Sometimes your baby can have an allergy to something which you would never think of. It could be a soft toy lying next to them or a plastic toy. Regularly wash or clean your baby’s toys to avoid any such instance.

Apart from this just ensure that your little one and his surroundings are kept clean. Keep your fans, light shades, windows, curtains etc. clean. Your cleaning agents, cosmetics and food items should be kept out of your toddler’s reach. A touch, taste could cause an allergic reaction and it’s hard to treat it as you don’t know what could have caused it.

How did you or do you manage to keep your baby’s environment clean? Share your thoughts on the same.

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