5 Tips To Make Your Toddler’s Bath Enjoyable

5 Tips To Make Your Toddler’s Bath Enjoyable

It may have been easy for you to train in giving your baby a bath but the situation changes as your baby starts working on his mobility factor. The following lines will help you to make your toddler’s bathing time a fun-filled one.

Add Incentives in the Tub:

In case of grooming a toddler it is essential to give importance to small things like the ‘tub-time’. However, there are times when your child gets distracted and you have to coax him for active participation by filling the tub with floating toys like rubber ducks, boats, waterproof books, washcloth puppets and ‘mini water guns’, etc. You can also make the activity more creative by introducing bath paints and crayons. They will keep her busy while you get her clean. It is best if you keep changing the toys everyday and keep rotating them so that your child gets to play with new things every time and you do not face any  problems cleaning him up.



Remember to clean up the toys to remove germs and soap scum from them for your child’s safety.

Emphasize on the ‘Seating’ Factor:

When your baby was much younger it was much easier to plop him onto the tub but now it is more of a struggle to have him seated but it still remains the best way to bathe him. You need to entice him to enjoy sitting while taking a bath- do not forget the best way is the playful and fun way. Make him splash water while he is seated in the tub. And if your toddler still throws in a fit, you can make him stand holding the walls while the tub is placed on a non-stick mat ( a must-have safety measure). You can then spray water through a sprayer or pour water with a mug from a bucket.



Make Space for Buddy:

If your toddler is not happy with toys while bathing, opt for a buddy like a playmate which may include an older sibling or you. This new company may give him a special feeling during his bath-time and wear off his fear. And if there is no one to give him company, try using a ‘washable doll’ as his partner- while he keeps cleaning the doll, you can do your bit of cleaning him up. Use the internet to get more ideas for resistant toddlers and for buying these washable toys.

Start from the Head:

Washing a baby and a toddler is almost the same except for the child’s size. Start your way from the top and go downwards. With the help of a washcloth wipe your toddler gently with the face first and then down to the neck and below. Be very careful as most of his parts are sensitive during this time. Mostly care for cleaning the crevices like the ears, neck and the nose and its sides, as they remain grimy most of the time. Apply soap on the feet and hands as these parts are always exposed to all kinds of dirt. Lastly, work on cleaning the genital parts and the buttock. The shampoo part should be reserved for the last part of the bath as it may make him leave the tub immediately, irritating the private parts (especially in case of girls). Rinse away the shampoo and the soap water and get him off the tub.

Maintain Timing:

The bathing time should not exceed any more than 15 minutes as it will make your toddler’s skin dry, soaking up all the moisture from his body. A body massage with ‘fragrance-free-moisturizer’ is the final topping on the cake.



In this way you can give a short yet purposeful bathing treatment for your child using the above tips.

How do you make your toddler’s bath time enjoyable?

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