5 Toddler Lunch Ideas

5 Toddler lunch ideas

Often mommies are too bothered planning lunch for their toddlers and with the toddler growing fussy with each passing day, their clamour for innovative lunch ideas for their toddlers takes on a mammoth dimension. The toddler should be given just the right lunch that would prove nutritious for your child’s health, development of your child’s brain, growth of his bones, muscles and overall development of your child’s body, allowing him to get just the right body weight according to his age.

Also you should give your toddler food items that he/she loves eating, not the ones he or she shuns or else his/her lunch will become a plaything for him or her with, he or she littering the place with the food items you had given for lunch with so much care. Thirdly you should also pay heed to the fact that the lunch you give him should not be so heavy that’s not much room is left in his or her little belly to consume the dinner at night



Here I would list some fabulous Toddler lunch ideas which first time mommies can try. Just read on:

  • Toddler Tapas – Among my preferred lunches for toddlers this is really a combination in addition to fit ‘tapas’ type lunchtime. We all try to contain a thing crab-y like crackers, grain cakes, fresh loaf of bread or breads sticks. Subsequently some chopped up fruits and vegetables like carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomato halves, grape halves in addition to Apple and pear.
  • Pasta – Pasta is very fantastic yummy lunchtime food for everybody. Everybody can use it for lunch. To make it tasty and look good you can top it with pasta salads and sauces and I am sure your kids will love it. They usually love anything that’s colourful.
  • Egg & Bread– Egg and Bread is power packed combination for toddler’s lunch time. Even if your little one is a picky kid, along with offspring egg and breads you can definitely encourage him to take some! Also bread toasts served with a layer of scrambled eggs is a healthy lunch option for your toddler
  • Omelettes– Omelettes are also great for your toddler’s lunch. You can make it in only 2 minutes. But since it’s for kids you have to fry in low fat vegetable oil. Omelettes are light food and can be relished with dairy products, pork, mushrooms, moolah, peppers, tomato and so on
  • Pancakes-Pancakes could also make great lunch for your toddler. Pancakes could be made wholesome by adding the fruits or veggies your kids enjoy the best to the batter just prior to cooking. Sweet pancakes as well as salted pancakes might be made according to the taste best relished by your little one. And then you can brush it with a tiny blob of butter or mayonnaise to give your toddler a little extra energy.
  • So these are the 5 toddler lunch ideas which you might try to appease your peevish kid and make him eat more and scatter less

    What do you give you child for lunch?

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