5 Toddlers’ Learning Game You Can Buy At Discount From FLIPKART


5 Toddlers’ Learning Game You Can Buy At Discount From FLIPKART

Hello Yummy Mummiesssssss….. !!!

It such a delight to see your baby grow and learn new things with each day that passes by. The first word that your baby first spoke, the first day your baby stood up, the first poem etc.
Well I am not a mother and do not have any near plan but still I love kids and I play around with babies in my neighborhood.

Well we talk about the babies growing, learning is a crucial part of the process and when we mix up fun with learning there is nothing that can beat it and yes, in such a case your baby will surely grasp things more quickly and will also keep the learned things in mind for long.

So for such a Fun + Learn combination, the very popular online shopping site i.e., FLILPKART has got a nice range of learning games for toddlers. And this is not it, these fun leaning games are at some great discounts and add on offers.

Out of all the cool learning games, I have sorted out the best five. Have a look at these Toddlers’ Learning Games that definitely need your attention:

Peacock Basic Architect



This is quite a common game that even I as a child have played with. I can actually play with it even now. This game is actually great for developing Motor Skills, Intelligence, Imagination and Creativity. Your toddler can create buildings and shapes and can enhance imagination of your child.

The Peacock Basic Architect set consists of 180 interlocking blocks. This architect play set is ideal for 4 – 12 years kid age group.

Skillofun Geo Cavity Shape Sorter



Hand & Eye coordination and motor skills are crucial to be developed in your toddlers growing years.
The Skillofun Geo cavity Shape Sorter is a great game for shape and size identification skills. Get this shape sorter game and make your child learn some basic geometric shapes.
This set is ideal for 2-4 years toddlers.

Skillofun Multi Activity Box



If you are someone who do not intend to engage your child in a single activity and want your child to involve in multi activities, then this SkilloFun Multi Activity Box is Ideal for your child. This game can contribute towards improving concentration.
This play set is ideal for 3-4 years old child.

Skillofun Abacus Junior



Abacus is great for improving mathematical skills of your child and Skillofun brings for your child a fabulous Abacus which is safe a s well since it is made with Non- Toxic material.
Grab this Abacus set ideal for 2-6 years old toddlers.

Skillofun Sort and Stack



This play set is wonderful for your child to grab knowledge about categories and learn to identify the various categorized tiles. Simply assist your child in sorting stacking the various vegetables, fruits, and professions etc. tiles and see your child’s identification capabilities improve.

So mummies, these were some must have play sets for a toddler which are both fun to play with and at the same aid in learning process.

Wait not anymore and grab these play sets before the offer expires or they go out of stock.

Have you bought any of these toys for your baby?

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