5 Top Toddler Crafts For Your Kid’s Entertainment

5 Top Toddler Crafts For Your Kid’s Entertainment


It is undoubtedly a tough task to raise your child. If you cannot direct their minds in a constructive and positive way, it may become troublesome for your handle walls with crayon marks, broken dishes and nothing but juice all over your precious carpet. Some crafts for toddler will not only keep them engaged but will give you time to spend on yourself. It will also help your child build a strong creative mind with an all-round development.

Listed below are some of the fun crafts for toddlers that you can try out. It had been noticed that toddlers love to play with colours, paints and clay. It will amaze you to find out that toddlers have some much to express once they are given the opportunity to do so. Your aim will be to let your child enjoy his time with these toys and have the patience to be with them while they are enjoying themselves. These ‘craft kits’ are mainly recommended for children below 3 years of age and they will sure have a gala time treating themselves with these toys.

The 3-Dimensional Numbers Collage:

One of the best fun ideas for toddler crafts, this will help him understand the process of counting numbers. All you have to do is cut a number out and make your child count the number out in various small objects. For example, cut out the number three and make him gather three buttons or three stars and the like. In this way, he will learn how to identify and count the numbers.



The Alphabet Collage Book:

Make printouts of the alphabets and allow your kid to make decorations on them. Then you can collect all the decorated alphabets and put them together to form a book. This will make him learn the alphabets in a fun an interesting way.

The Apple Prints:

Apples can be a good source of creative designs. You can make different plates (shallow ones) with different paint colours and then make your kid dip ‘apples’ in these colours to create their own pictures. It involves very little mess and both of you will enjoy every bit of time spent making prints with apples.



The Bug Suncatcher:

For this you will need ‘Con-Tact’ paper from which you will have to cut out the shape of a ‘bug’s wings’. Now, make your toddler place tiny items to decorate the bug’s wings by sticking them onto the cut out paper. It will enhance his innovative mind and you will have colourful bug’s wings for display!

The Cereal Birder Feeder:

For this craft, you will have to allow your child make strings of ‘cereals’ using a yarn and then hang these strings on a tree. They will definitely feed the birds and you and your kid can enjoy the view.



There are ‘endless possibilities’ in creating craft ideas for your kids. If you need assistance the internet is available with videos on how to keep your child engage with intriguing craft ideas. Use your imagination and see how much your toddler has with things that give him for making new stuffs. However, be careful with sharp objects as they may potentially harm your child, leading to needless hassles.

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