5 Trendy Nursery Ideas for Your Toddler’s Entertainment

5 Trendy Nursery Ideas for Your Toddler’s Entertainment


Any mother would want her child’s nursery to be an interesting one with colours and designs that will add to the child’s delight. Here are some of the ideas that will delight you, making your kid’s room a trendy one. These inspiring ideas can be incorporated using your creativity and a little effort on your part.

Incorporating Bold Walls:

Whatever it is you are using, be it stripes or stencils or wallpaper, giving your wall a bold accent is an ideal way of making the nursery design a unique yet trendy one. You can use anything from temporary wallpaper for all the four walls to hand-painted patters for one of the accent walls. Make a statement with this playful trend by going big on it.



The Origami Effect:

To get a serious ‘wow’ effect for your toddler’s nursery the use of origami is an excellent option. You can either order these products from the internet or use your creativity for a DIY- origami. Another trendy affair for your toddler’s room, it will also work to enhance your child’s imagination power. And the best part is that it makes the room look amazing!



Opting for The ‘Carnival’ Theme:

This is one among the most playful themes that is fast gaining popularity both for kids’ rooms and nursery design. It has the plus point of colour versatility form the palette. Be it for a boy or a girl, it works wonders in the nursery giving you several options to choose from.



Ombre for Trend:

Using ombre for your toddler’s room is more than just decorating the cake. You can incorporate it on the furniture pieces, the walls or even the bedding for the crib. You have limitless possibilities of using this chic and easy transition for your child’s (or even teenager) room. Make use of the DIY tutorial for ombre setting available on the internet for help.



Try Color Blocking:

Play with the nursery decor using the color blocking idea to make it more exciting. Stray away from the clichéd ‘everything must match’ rule to make the room a fun place to be. However, remember to use complementary colours in the process though.



Tips for Decorating The Nursery:

  • Tip no.1- Choose anyone particular stuff that you are in love with- a cloth print, an art piece or a blanket- and then use colours from there for the room. Thus, the room will look more together with such a setup.
  • Tip no.2- Try and include something personal to the room. Family photos or colourful pictures hanging from the wall are a good idea. Keep changing the pictures to stimulate the baby. Try something like changing the photo while changing your child. Family pictures help in making the child recognize the family members.
  • Tip no.3- All the things you buy for the room is washable. Do not opt for the ‘spot clean only’ stuff, it will only make you regret later on.
  • Tip no.4- The rocking chair should be comfortable. It will help in making the early mornings and the nights somewhat bearable.
  • Tip no.5- It is not only in baby stores and departments that you will find the items for your baby. Sometimes you will find those materials in college-kids department rather than a baby store for your child’s nursery.
  • Tip no.6- The lighting of the room needs to be flexible. At times it needs to be bright and at others a soft lighting will fit into the necessity of the room like checking on the child when he is sleeping.

All of these guidelines will make you get a desirable and interesting room for your child.

How have you designed your baby’s nursery?

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