5 Useful Workouts To Get Back Into Shape After Delivery

5 Useful Workouts to Get Back into Shape After Delivery


It is not as tough as you imagine it is to shed out the extra fat post delivery. While performing any of the routines if you experience soreness, heavy bleeding or headaches and other symptoms that are unusual you should stop working out and talk to your doctor seeking his advice. The following exercises are helpful in getting you into shape after delivery.




Walking is not one of the popular workout plans but is among the easiest methods of maintaining a fitness routine post delivery. Anything between a leisure walk and a power walk will be healthy for you. Carrying your child in front of you will increase the benefits as it adds to your weight. Zigzag or backward walking will offer variation in your walks but do not take your baby on such walks till such time you have mastered your body balance.

‘Deep Belly’ Breathing:

This workout for ‘abdominal contraction’ is a simple and easy one which can be started within one hour of delivering the child. It assists in muscle relaxation and initiates the toning and strengthening of your belly and abs.

  • Step1- Sit up straight and take a deep breath to draw the air up from the diaphragm
  • Step2- Contract the midsection or abs and hold it tightly during inhalation and allow your body to relax during exhalation
  • Step3- Slowly make an increase in the time of contracting and tightly holding the abs

Shoulder Lifts:

These lifts help in back muscle strengthening. They are also responsible for toning the abs and tummy by burning calories.

  • Step1- Lie down on the floor facing the ceiling and lets the arms rest on the sides
  • Step 2- Let the lower back part stay flushed to your floor while bending the knees so that your feet’s bottom part touch your floor
  • Step3- Inhale while relaxing the belly
  • Step4- While exhaling, very slowly pull your neck and head away from the floor
  • Step5- Once again take your head to where you had started and inhale during this process

Once you are comfortable enough to do at least 10 ‘head lifts’, start with the ‘shoulder lifts’.

  • Step1- Take the same positioning as in case of head lifts
  • Step2- Inhale while relaxing the belly
  • Step3- While exhaling slowly pull the shoulders and head from the floor and try to reach the bent knees with your stretched hands and arms. In case, you experience neck strain while doing this, fold the hands on the back of the head instead
  • Step4- While getting back to the original position try to inhale

The ‘Curl Up’:

After, you are able to comfortably perform the ‘shoulder lifts’, try to perform the ‘curl up’ exercises. Place yourself in the same positioning as in case of ‘shoulder lifts’ but do not lift the shoulders. Instead pull up your torso till it has reached midway of the floor (that lies behind you) and your knees. Now, try to stretch your arms to reach the knees and count up to five after which you lower the torso. Keep exhaling while exerting and inhaling when relaxing.

‘Kneeling Pelvic’ Tilt:

Touch the floor with your palms and toes that are in a straight line from the shoulders. Relax your back, do not arch or curve it. While inhaling lift the buttocks in a forward position by rotating the pubic bone in an upward position and tilting the pelvis. Hold this position till you count three and then release.

These workouts will surely show results if continued on regular basis.

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