5 Ways To Cook With Toddlers

5 Ways To Cook With Toddlers

Gone are the days when most mothers kept their kids away from kitchen. Now when both the parents are busy, it is essential that kids learn to cook so that they can feed themselves at least. Now the parents like to introduce kids to cooking early. Remember that kids include both boys and girls and you should teach cooking to every kid as cooking is not gender dependent.

When kids learn to cook, they can be messy in the beginning but you should not give up but encourage them to work neatly. Taking your children’s help will make cooking easier for you too as they can do some easier but time taking tasks for you. Kids are fast learners and with your help they will definitely learn easily. We have some simple tips to involve kids in cooking.

Here are 5 Ways To Cook With Toddlers,

Start Early

Yes babies cannot cook but still you can carry them into kitchen when they turn about a year old. It will develop their interest in kitchen and cooking. Introduce them to the items in kitchen and make them copy what you do, just do not give them real ingredients. A game of pretending is a good start.

Also tell about tastes like sweet and salty. Make them handle and sort vegetables so they start understanding colors and textures.

Kid Friendly Utensils

If you want your kids to learn cooking, invest in some kid friendly utensils and cutlery. There are plastic knives and other similar items that can be handled by kids without getting hurt. They can chop fruits and vegetables in their own way.

You can give small amount of things to them to get creative and whip out whatever they want.

Let Them Help

Take the help of kids in small things like mixing and cleaning. They can sort your groceries. Ask them to rinse vegetables as most little kids love water. You can take your kids’ help in cleaning the kitchen and this will also teach them to not make a mess.

Ingredients and Amounts

When your kid is about 3 years old, you can make them learn the names of various ingredients. Knowing the names and flavors will develop their interest in cooking.

Make your kids learn simple measurements like 1 cup and 1 tablespoon. Hand them your measuring cup and ask them to fill it with the desired ingredient.

Make It Fun

Cooking can be tiring but never make your kids perceive it like that. Make efforts to make the process of cooking look interesting. Appreciate them when your kids do something useful in kitchen. Do not scold them if they create a mess or do not take interest. Rather make them understand the importance of food and cooking.

Cook healthy things with kids but sometimes also prepare something that they love with them.

How do you involve your kids in cooking?

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