5 Ways To Design Your Baby’s Room

5 Ways To Design Your Baby’s Room


Are you about to welcome your baby? You should start planning the nursery for your little one now. It is best to stay gender neutral when it comes to colours that means stay away from pink and blue stereotypes. Choose whatever colour appeals to you.

The room should be well lit and cosy. It is best to keep the colours subdued as bright colours may make baby uncomfortable.

Placing pictures of your baby in the nursery can be done later but you can still place some cute quotes. Also when you place pictures, consider getting the name of your little one painted on the wall.


These pretty themes will make your task easy-

Subtle Colours


This nursery has been created around aqua and green colours. The boxes can be kept under the crib or you can get a crib that has drwers attached underneath.



This is another soothing colour. A chandelier near the crib can be attractive for your baby. The wall decoration is superb with a mirror and motifs of tree.

Monochromatic Room


This colour scheme is also a good choice for your baby’s bedroom. Baskets with the needed items have been kept nearby and a little toy has been installed in the crib.

Aqua and Grey


This chevron themed room is very attractive. The right amount of white has been added to balance the colours. The frame on the wall can be used for decoration or you can hang pictures of your baby with you and alone as well.

Blue and Orange


This is a lovely colour scheme. The warmth of orange has been neutralized with multiple colours like green, blue, grey and white. A changing bed has been kept nearby which is always a good idea.

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