5 Ways To Get A Child To Stop Sucking Fingers

How to Get a Child to Stop Sucking Fingers

Does your child suck their fingers? Do you want to stop this? This is a very common and natural habit in kids. Most of the kids suck their thumb as well as most of the children improve the pattern of sucking their fingers. This is a bad habit and therefore today in this article we are telling you some essential tips to stop sucking fingers.

This is not very hard task you can easily break this habit with some patience and carefulness. Because long-term thumb suckers are chances for speech delays as well as many kids facing broken teeth problems. This sucking habit starts when babies drink on their mother’s breast or a bottle then it gives relief. As they develop into toddlers and they endure the sucking habit to calm themselves when they are fatigued, tired or nervous.

If the child keep finger in his mouth then there are more chances of getting infected due to impure hands. So, read this article very carefully to know the essential tips to control sucking habit in your children.

Best tips to stop sucking fingers:

Start little:

When you are in market or any other public place and your child start sucking fingers say him /her that big boys and girls are not sucking their fingers. Also if your child is older than recall him that this habit is very distressing when someone saw them sucking their fingers. This will also help your children that he /she thinking that I am a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’.

Reward them:

This is also the best option to stop this habit. Tell your child that if you broke your finger-sucking habit then you will get a prize. There are also many choices for you to give them prize such as you can buy them a toy that they’ve at all times required, go to picnic, zoo, the park, or also give ice cream to have fun. A reward plays a great role for your child because it shows your child that their hard work is valued and that inhibits their habit.

Replace thumb with toys:

This is very popular as well as a great option for stopping this habit. Kids love toys and these are the main benefit for you that you can substitute the thumb with a hush money or other toy. This is a “outside” method to suck on is relaxed to give up. This replacement method is proven to be very helpful.You may get one here.

Control it in night with hand gloves:

Many children controlled their finger sucking habits but do not control this when they are asleep then you have only one option and that is hand gloves. You have to putt hand gloves or mitten on their hands before bed. Because it is very helpful on this habit as it is made of wool and when they go to taste their limbs in the night, the glove guards it and the itchiness will tell them not to suck on it anymore.

Inspire them:

Stopping finger sucking habit is not an easy task for a child to do. There is need of great encouragement for them on every step of the way. Never give up on them. If you give up on them, they’re possibly to give up on themselves, and the routine will never be destroyed. Remember that they do not lose their confidence and that they keep on up to the habit is destroyed. Tell them finger sucking is very embarrassing for a ‘big girl’ or a ‘big boy.’

Hence, these are some important tips to stop finger sucking habits in your child. I hope you enjoy this article as well as find it very beneficial and informative.

How did you stop your child from sucking fingers?

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