5 Ways To Get Rid Of Tan From Baby Skin

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Tan From Baby Skin

Getting an occasional sun tan is good but if tanning tends to cause permanent or prolonged pigmentation then it is surely a painful thing. Women in general are the most concerned ones about how to not get get tanned while stepping out in the sun. Well, the recent reports of ozone layer depletion and rise in the global temperature it surely seems a good thing to stay protected from the sun rays as they are having some really damaging effects on the skin which also include  Skin Cancer.

Today, we will discuss some remedies which can be applied to remove tan from the baby skin. Usually people don’t bother  much when the baby is small and leave them to play in the Sun during winters, well, you should make sure that your baby gets proper dosage of Sunlight for Vitamin D synthesis in the body, but also make sure to use a baby sun screen to help the baby skin not get tanned.

In case your baby skin has tanned a little, here are some useful & effective remedies which can easily remove the baby skin tan.

  • Mix a little honey in cow’s milk and with the help of cotton balls apply it to the baby skin when they are asleep. Lemon juice along with this would surely work better but because the baby skin is ultra soft, lemon juice may feel a little irritating for them.


  • Make a thick taste of tomato juice and yoghurt and apply it on the baby skin where tanning is evident. The past is thick and smooth which easily fades the tan and that too in a gentle way.


  • One of the most effective and gentle ways to remove tanning from baby’s skin is to apply pure aloe vera gel on the baby skin or tanned area and wash it off after ten minutes or just wipe with a moist cotton. Regular use is surely going to remove the tanning.


  • Another alternate method which is safe to be used on baby skin is to mix turmeric in olive or coconut oil and gently massage it on the baby skin. After a few minutes wash it. Do this regular three times in a week and you will notice the difference in the skin pigmentation on the baby’s skin.
  • Alternately, one can also apply a mixture of bread & milk on the baby skin and wipe it off after sometime. Since the baby skin is young and sensitive the home remedies end to work quickly than they do on the adult skin.

I hope you find these tips useful and employ in getting rid of baby skin tan in a safe and effective way without the use of chemicals.

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