5 Ways To Give Apple To Your Baby

5 Ways To Give Apple To Your Baby


Nutritious diet is what we all want o follow for our kids. Many babies begin with apple as their first semi solid food. First foods are always tricky, babies may or may not adjust to the new food introduced. So, it is always advisable to start slow.

Here are a few best ways you can easily introduce apple to your baby.

Apple puree:

For the very first time, it is always best to give boiled apple. Peel the apple, cut it into pieces of cubes. Boil these cubes in water. When well cooked, blend it and make a puree out of it.

Babies love new tastes.



Apple puree along with other flavours:

Prepare apple puree from boiled apple cubes. Add this puree along with other fruit purees like banana or chikkoo. Apple puree along with cinnamon and cardamom powder is also a good starter taste for babies.



Grated apple in porridge:

Porridges are the best fillers for babies and even toddlers. There are a variety of porridge that can be made for babies. Peel the apple and grate it. Add this grated apple to the warm porridge. This makes the porridge delicious.



Apple with milk:

Apple milk shake can be an everyday routine for babies. For the regular glass of milk add 3-4 spoon of blended apple paste. To make the apple paste mix, you will have to peel the apple and blend the pieces thick. Boiling the apple is optional.

Read a baby soup recipe made of apple & carrot here.



Other flavours can also be added to the milk if necessary.

Apple as finger food:

Just chop the apple into long finger chips like or tiny cubes. Give as it is since they are a very good finger food for babies. For toddlers too, it is good to crunch the juicy apples.



How do you give apple to your baby?

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